Looking for ex forces pref ex RE

I'm looking for a guy(s) to start work with me in a small AV company in Surrey.

The work involves everything from the simple mounting a plasma TV on the wall right through to delivering and entire Schools AV requirements in a 7 day window.

The job is varied I've been to Spain (twice) France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland and Sweden either driving or loads of air miles.

There can be some howlingly hard days and like today a very relaxed one - you can work from home a fair amount and there is no shortage of incentives!

I've watched the international 7's from Sony's Private box and I've also been to lunch with Will Carling and Co.

You don't need experiance just a willingness to learn.

I'm EX RE and the company owner is EX RN.

If you live in the south pref Surrey and are interested please email me.



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