Looking for ex 207 Soltau members????

I am trying to get in contact with any ex 207 SigSqn Soltau members. If there are any out there please drop me an email, or if you know of anyone who doesnt know about this website please pass on my email address. I served there from 88-92, bloody good posting, hoping for a re union.
Mick Gregoire nee Brown
I was 2ic of 207(7 Armd Bde) Sig Sqn from 79 to 81, took over from a Canadian Officer :D

Great Squadron, enjoyed the Jerboa Club most evenings :)

Anyone from those years, please contact me :D
I know this is an old thread but I've only just joined and was arrsing around when I found this. I woz there 88-92 and I remember Jon and Mick amongst loads of others! Jon, "Best LCpl in the Corps" :D About the only thing that "Fat Fcuk" S/SGT ever said that woz close to the truth!!
Hello my name is Johnny H ,,I was on the Provost Staff at Soltau during 1963 up to the Kennedy Assassination,,,I think I knew the Canadian Office who spoke with a marvellous British accent...when I left Soltau,,,I just couldnt settle into a factory job so I joined the German Navy,which I left in 1967 to become a professional entertainer and rock n roll musician,,,single parenthood(four boys) didnt slow me down and last week I was 74 years old ...and still celebrating.I would love to hear from my old buddies,,Ali Omer Fikri,,,Johnny Izzard,Frank Parden Bell and so many others,,,,the Army was a great adventure and so much a part of my life...as indeed was the German Navy...oh and I still wear my Jerboa....and I performed at the Jerboa Club...and the Loensecke Bar around the corner (no pun intended)

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