Looking For Dhofar, Oman SAS Reference Photos

Specifically this bloke:

I'd like a decent version of this photo if anyone has one, plus any other (if there are any) of the same bloke:

(The photos are supposedly taken by Bruce Niven, David Niven's son).
Thanks, but it's that particular Trooper (?) in the first photos that I'm after. I'm doing a figure of him and I need more references.
Thanks, Boris, but I'm actually doing him in 1/6th scale. Here's the L42A1 I'll use - my repaint is the bottom one, the original version is at the top
Many thanks to those of you who have PM'ed me - much appreciated.

Here's where my figure is at the moment - very much a Work in Progress. There's still a lot to do - the shemagh and boots need changing, the M79 needs a sling and repainting, the Bergen needs weathering...


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