looking for Dave Stott ex 3 Para

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by jimmyoc, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, if anyone knows the where abouts of Dave Scott ex 3 Para medic during Falklands, he came from the Manchester area, it would be much apreciated, if you know him pm me and I will pass on my details for him,
    Thanks in advance, bye for now Jimmy
  2. Try SAMA 82, they may be able to pass on an enquiry for you.
  3. Hi he is not a member, and I have tried Para rgt sites, I just thought someone on here may have known or know of him.
  4. You tried the FOC site Jimmy?
  5. I will give it a try but, I have asked over the years, and have not got anything back, but will give it a go,,
  6. If you're on face book try on the Traf site, you never know your luck
  7. Facebook is good for finding old mates from the mob. In the last 12 months, I've discovered blokes I haven't seen in over 35 years and most of them found me. Amazing really.
  8. Jimmy,I've just found him on face book,so if your a member search his name,if you're not a member I could try in get in touch for you
  9. Jim,

    are you on about Stotty....Little fella, No front teeth.

    If so Jimmy Mhm might know, as I believe he's in the same type of work!
  10. Hi, its not the bloke on facebook,
    but your correct its Stotty the medic with "No front teeth" I will try Jimmy M, but I doubt it, Thanks,
  11. The ugliest little ******* creature I've ever met LOL :)

    Last seen in Chad in 2003
  12. Jimmy,

    I'm sure his first name was Pete.
    But then everyone called him Stotty, so I couldn't be a 100% certain.
    & yes, thegimp, he was one ugly mother ******!
  13. Hi, his name is definatley Dave Stott, his brother was in 3 Para as well, I am not sure of his brothers name I think it may have been Tony,