Looking for Corporate Sponsorship

Hello all,

I'm helping organise a regimental ski team for this season, and we are looking for some corporate sponsoship to help offset costs. If anyone has had any experience doing so and knows some good companies to approach, I'd very much appreciate the help!


ok failing that, apart from the Sports Lottery, AWSA, and Regi/Sqn/Corps PRI grants, any fundraising ideas out there? The cost is looking rather prohibitive at the moment.

Any/all ideas welcome!!
The cost to take a regimental ski team away should not be too prohibitive unless you are doing something hugely wrong. I took teams when I was a university cadet, whilst I was a subbie (not that long ago) and not much has changed since as I am taking a team to SH07. Last time I took a team away in 2001 I asked for a £400 personal contribution (£600 from Officers) to offset the cost. This is not much to ask for what is 3 months away (Nov - Feb) with skiing the whole time. Some costs should be recovered from the public purse, others from the Reggie T&S budget (Onside 2IC essential). Oth sources to tap are the regimental PRI, and if you are taking CORPS men that are not part of your Regiment with a capital R then tap their Corps HQ for some cash too! Apart from that some local companies to you may be interested in bunging you a coupleof hundred quid. As for corporate sponsorship, unless you are 35 Engr Regt or one of the top skiing units then the chances are slim. Big companies are only interested in sponsoring teams that are going to be seen and hence money well spent. If you do tackle the corporate organisations, one word of advice, make sure that you have the right speil, and deliver what you offer, which is usually not a lot at reggie level! Good luck!

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