Looking for Class 1 E&M Draughtsman Work. Freelance

I am currently looking for some freelance work so i can broaden my portfolio for when i leave the Army. I am currently a Class 1 Electrical and Mechanical draughstman with a Distinction. I am currently hoping to sign off in march time of next year and really looking to go towards the LOGCAP route (KBR, RECON, DYNCORP, FLUOR, etc). If there is anybody out there that can provide me with any freelance work that would be muchly appreciated. I have quite a lot of time on my hands for the coming 6 months so work turn-arounds should be fast. I have my own office and access to all needed softwares and peripherals if need be. Also if anybody could put me in touch with a LOGCAP comany recruiter thats will also be apreciated so i can get my foot in the door for when i finially leave.

Thank you in advance for our help.

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