Looking for book(s)

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by skidmarx, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. The brain has gone to sleep.
    First world war trilogy by John ??????
    Any help greatly appreciated
    thank you
  2. John Birmingham............... never heard of him. But it looks really interesting I'll give him a shot too.
    But as far as I remember this was about a family before during and after the first world war
    Nice one
    Thank you
    Keep them coming, God alone knows what I'm going to end up with.
  3. Yuo don't mean John Masters trilogy " now god be thanked,,Heart of war,, by the green of spring " do you
  4. When I am looking for books, I generally try out the Library. They always have loads
  5. They also expect you to give them back within a fairly short time and not disappear to the other end of the planet with them.
    But thank you.
    John Masters it is and I'll give the John Birmingham ones a rattle too. A library, what a quaint idea, I thought Thatcher had done away with them all.
  6. The one in Cardiff is like somthing out of a SI-FI film set, they even have a silent piano,
  7. That's because they film all the Dr Who films in the reference section. :lol:
  8. Of course, when you think the whole of Cardiff IS a SI-FI film set