Looking for Army Personel Demographics

Very very broadly speaking, the British Army reflects the society from which it is recruited.

That said, Cpl_Ripper is quite correct. The ONS does not bother it's arrse looking at the sort of metrics you are after, but perhaps you could start a few threads and get a general idea here on ARRSE, bearing in mind that actual serving soldiers are the rarest of all beasts here on site.

Good luck.
Vexen said:
I want to know simple things like how much TV we watch on average, how many books we read (fiction & non-fiction etc), things like that, to both look at how Army personel differ from civvy street, and how Army recruitment is more/less likely to attract certain types of people.
Why would you want this info and what do you intend to do with it?
polar69 said:
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I visited his site had a browse it looks like he does not get out much judging from the size of it.

He is a Satanist, Elitist who believes that we should have selective breeding to eradicate the UNTERMENSCH 8O

Did intend to have a heated debate with him, on some of his views, but on further reading he contradicts himself a lot.

Checked his previous posts, he has been fishing for info on squaddies smoking before. One of his monologues points out that the lower class blue collar workers (for this I read untermensch) smoke more than the educated.

Decided to sort my DVD collection by Alpha/Numeric/Genre as it seemed more productive :)
Try the statement on defence estimates. This used to have all sorts of interestign information hidden in the statistical section.

- Number of suicides compared to the general public.
- Acciudents at work compared to the general puvblic.

One issue is ethnicity. The army has filled up the ranks with more black faces , but these are disproportionatly from overseas rather than the the black British population.

Try looking at divorce rates and educational standards of forces children compared to the rest of the world. Those you might find from Osted reports on forces schools.

You may need to dig around some of the contraversial topics to find any figures. The MOD doesn't like numbers that can be embarrasing.
Pteranadon said:
....The MOD doesn't like numbers that can be embarrasing.
I don't think that is necessarily true; if the MOD has collected the data, it generally publishes it. The statistics collected by DASA are carefully collected, checked and analysed before publishing; they have to be because, IIRC, DASA is an MOD Agency responsible to the ONS and Parliament for the accuracy of data collection within the MOD. (Sorry, but a complex data collection job a few years ago gave me a complex about such matters, and the doctor assures me that I will recover eventually...).

Incidentally, I hear that DASA and the MOD are at loggerheads at the moment about the way in which certain statistics are cherry-picked and manipulated by the MOD, and then spun by Ministers!

I doubt that DASA will have got round to asking how much television Cpl Bloggs watches, but that might be because there can be no way of checking the answer he gives - or it could be because no-one really gives a damn!


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