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looking for any unit

does ANYONE know if there are any british forces in tillil? .... thats in iraq ! ..... there's an air base there and a hospital but i dont know if it's just american ?.... or coalition ...... i cant find anything about the british troops out there ...any ideas guys?
Along the same lines as zzsnail............I'm trying to get a message to Jim Dougall who I know is working in deep cover in Dwar (just south of Tikrit).

As I understand it he's posing as a shepherd (appropriate for a taffy b**tard) gathering intel for really important people!

If anyone is passing ask him if he wants me to get "Lost" on DVD instead - I'm taping it for him & missed episode 15 :-(

You cant miss the the ginger nutted tw*t with his scar on his left cheek running from his eye to his ear.

p.s. Tell him to keep his head down - bloody dangerous over there apparently.
zzsnail... are you for real? don't you care for the safety of our troops? You can't possibly be a regular or weekend warrior to ask such a silly question

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