Looking for an old report on the Army

Hi all hope you can help. Some time ago my brother told me about a report done on the British Army in the late 80s just before the wall fell. Basicaly saying how it was under and poorly equiped for the time. Yet it was forgotten as the wall and the big bad evil behind it disappeared. Always wanted to read it, also it seems more relavent now as i spotted on bbc news the new head of the Army Sir Richard Dannatt says the Army is just coping (Obvious i know). Im afraid i dont know the name of the report but hoping sombody on here may know what im dribbling about :D

Oh and incase its not be posted (not seen it on here yet) heres the article about Sir Richard Dannatt talking about the army. Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells view on it is just typical i think of how minister see somthing they dont understand (In this case the armed forces).

Army "Just" coping


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its always been underfunded since they first started writing reports. back in the mid 80's it was around 25 billion a year and the way they were expanding to keep up with reagan we didn't have a chance - hence crispy wetproofs 58 webbing, 85 patt combats etc... to save enough cash to replace polaris.

after the wall was the worst as rather than natural wastage they let everybody opt out and lost all the skills base if granby had happened 2 years later they wouldn't have been able to do it. once they did with the regs they slashed the TA hence the reserve crisis they have now - a TA inf battalion was less than a third of the cost of a regular one and they cut those to pay for the cruise missiles they launched in the first 10 mins of telic - 70 millions worth.

now society's all chavved up and the army has got fussy all of a sudden its no wonder they cant cope.

on the plus side the under strength side meant that they had chance to redirect the money into CS95 and other improvements by using cheap european and now chinese labour - can somebody enlighten me as to whether CS95 is still made in romania?

its going to crash bigtime soon so I expect a US style citizenship deal to be linked to foreign recruitment and the formation of the 1st battalion east lincolnshire cossacks. 8O

oh - try and contact the public records office if its not classified and was a parliamentary report then it should be available.
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