Looking for an old mate now who'a in the ACF

(Sorry mods, I posted in the wrong place, can you delete the other thread on the same topic, ta.)

Ladies and Gents,

I’m trying to track down an old mate from many moons ago who a mutual friend knows is in the cadets now. Shame he doesn’t know where as our mate's moved up to start a farm in Scotland he thinks, but suggested I ask here.

With PERSEC in mind I’m not going to give out me mate’s name on the inteweb, but you’ll know him by his description. Former Household Cav, para trained, ex pathfinder and Special Recce Regiment and left in 2009/10 as a WO2. He used to live in the home counties, Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire area before slinging his hook back up to the land of his father’s to raise cattle and worry sheep and is somewhere in the lowland/borders area of Jockland.

If you know the guy, tell him Bagpuss is trying to find him and get him to get in touch via this means would you, ta.
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