Looking for an old mate now in the ACF

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Schadenfreudefest, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I’m trying to track down an old mate from many moons ago who a mutual friend knows is in the cadets now. Shame he doesn’t know where as our mate's moved up to start a farm in Scotland he thinks, but suggested I ask here.

    With PERSEC in mind I’m not going to give out me mate’s name on the inteweb, but you’ll know him by his description. Former Household Cav, para trained, ex pathfinder and Special Recce Regiment and left in 2009/10 as a WO2. He used to live in the home counties, Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire area before slinging his hook back up to the land of his father’s to raise cattle and worry sheep and is somewhere in the lowland/borders area of Jockland.

    If you know the guy, tell him Bagpuss is trying to find him and get him to get in touch via this means would you, ta.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    At risk of suggesting the obvious there are not many ACF counties in that neck of the woods. Why not write/email the CEO with your contact details and say you understand your mate is one of them, if so could they pass on your details to him.
  3. Ta for that BuggerAll, that's my method of last resort, but I can't go firm he's back drinking buckie and eating deep fried mars bars, so I thought I'd go (inter)national through this means to a larger target audienc. Damn quicker too, I hope!
  4. That doesn't narrow it down!!!
    There's a few I think it could be, I'm thinking S*** P*******, photo of him on a HCav website in various uniforms, he was RHG/D, Then 2 other RHG/D could be the good looking charmer of a man who served with Pathfinders in Serra Leone, he did selection with another lad who looked a bit like the missing like in the gene pool, very hairy, they were both in the same sqn in Windsor. There also 2 Lg blokes did selection together, one tall and slim, the other used to be called the silver backed gorilla! Both failed first time round.
    I have a couple of mates on FB that in the cadets, one left though in 2001 and has only just joined, (Ex LG), the other I've seen pic of him as a SCpl rank possibly with cadets, would be about right for his time served, he was RHG/D when I knew him.
    There is a ex RHG/D knocking about on here somewhere, who did his 22 and possibly got out within the last 2 years thou, keep thinking Scarletto, but sure it's not him.

    PM me if you want and will try to see what I can find on FB, I was LG, but C sqn RHG/D (Token tin) 95-97, A Sqn 98, HCMR LG 98-01.
  5. Ah, I think I can help.

    You're after this teller of internet fibs:

    View Profile: verdi_811 - The Army Rumour Service

    He should be easy enough to find, just check a mirror.
  6. You say you're a friend, but how do we know you're not really out to cause trouble or become a nuisance?
  7. Check a mirror :?

    No, it’s not me that's Verdi_811, and having looked into this wretches ‘claims’ the suggestion that I’m this Verdi creature is both scandalous and scurrilous!

    I can only clear my name of such a vile maligning by presenting findings on him in the public domain I suppose.
  8. Which was probably what you intended all along, while you just masqueraded as a friend.

  9. I find it hard to take anything seriously when guys register on a mainly serious cadet forum under the claimed rank of "brigadire"

    I shall now drag myself away from this gripping thread, unsure as to increase the excitement in my life simply by staring into space for a few hours, or even more by dozing off.

    (Incidentally, a forum name relating to enjoying the misfortunes of others is, or is not, possibly relevant to the quality of discussion!)
  10. Nah, two different people.

    My mate was HCav, para trained and I might have got the rest wrong about pathfinder/SRR etc. He was a Staff Corporal/CoH (3 stripes and a crown?) last I new in a CTT in the West Country years back, Taunton I think, name of A**y W***s. Bit of a babe magnet with a tash, loved his phys and AT and could be a School Staff Insctructor with the CCF not ACF that he might be involved with now.

    This Verdi_811 bod was JLRRAC, 9/12 Lancer, HCav, para trained, WO2, pathfinder and SRR before going Small Arms School Corps and was Farrier Staff Corporal of Horse in RHG/D, all from 17/18 years of adult service, well that's what he says about himself the internet, so is for sure not my mate A**y W***s
  11. 3 tapes and a CLOTH crown is LCoH (Cpl), 3 & a Metal crown is CoH (Sgt) and 4 upside down and a metal crown (usually one piece item made of brass worn on the wrist) is a Scpl (Staff / Colour Sgt). Roughly what year was this? I do have someone possibly in mind, the Tash gives a clue, but I didn't know him direct if it's who I htink it is as never served in same Sqn.

    As for out to cause trouble - message goes up the line that "bagpuss" is after chatting, if message comes bag as sod off, that gets relayed back!
  12. One of the best posts of the whole conflict.
  13. Thanks, DP. I am rather proud of that one, and Verdi does deserve it so...
  14. What year was he in Taunton? I'm ex CTT from the real West Country,

    I know the OC from Taunton well.

    There were only Plymouth, Taunton and Bulford CTT's when I left in 91.
  15. Thanks, pal, all sorted now with the help of Ex Donkey Man