Looking for an official or non-official source who can offer advice on career moves

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Delta J, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. I need some independent advice from a internal T.A. careers office or similar.

    If anyone says arrse.co.uk


    Internal ta careers office




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    I will say to you - thanks very much. I'm on it.
  2. try arrse.co.uk
  3. flip off?
  4. Internal ta careers office ?
  5. TA.co.uk
  6. *******.

    Thanks though.
  7. Why not just ask the question that you want answered on this thread?

    Trust me, it won't be the frist stupid question that's been answered.
  8. Matter of interest how could anyone who serves in the TA give independent advice? I remember the first internal T.A. careers office I went to, most units had them in those days. Best office in the drill hall, plush carpets, coffee on the go, muffins or cream tea. Lovely, independent, chap behind the desk. Could not wait to help me with the difficult choices that a TA career (no part timers in those days, career or nothing) can present.

    After the initial interview, I was clear that choices, whilst, difficult could be made. The abiding line from the lovely, independent, chap, was; take it or leave it, now **** off.
  9. Thanks all.
  10. I would have thought a chat with your PSAO would be a good place to start beginning with something like "I may have an opportunity to work abroad for 12 months, if it happens would I be able to get a 12 month Leave of Absence?"
  11. Ah, simple. Now I've been out a while now, but unless things have changed a lot you have the option of taking leave of absence from your Unit. Essentially you would remain a member of your Unit but not parade.

    If a longer period was needed Officers used to be able to go on the Unposted List for up to two years, but if you are not an Officer I'm not sure what the procedure is. In this case you would leave the Unit & have to find soemwhere to take you when you wish to rejoin.

    Where are you going to work? If it's somewhere a little out of the ordinary you will need to disclose this to your Unit who will then arrange an interview for you with the local Security Section before you go & on the way back. I went to China while still serving & there were no issues at all, but other nations may be considered more dodgy.

    There, see what you get if you ask nicely! I'd also suggest trying to get The Snail to give you some advice. She's pretty hot on all this procedural stuff.
  12. Tell the the TA you will rejoin on your return and I'm sure a car will meet you at the airport. Given the plans for recruiting.

    30000 by when??? PMSL(in a rather synical fashion!)
  13. I've don't it. I'm on what I call the 'keeping the squadron numbers up' list, yeah speaking to your PSAO...

    I would suggest just posting what your after on this forum. I should be returning to my unit in a month or two, not sure what I'm doing yet - leaving, transferring (CVHQ role?) or go for some role that doesn't need frequent attendance (can't commit to normal TA for more than a few months).
  14. I can't believe Bruce Willis is on Arrse. And he's replied to me! It's better than ice cream.

    Sincere thanks for your replies everyone.