Looking for an Northumberland ACF member

Discussion in 'ACF' started by public_pay, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys, after some help, I was on my AITC course a couple of weeks back at becko, I was medically RTU'd and didnt get the contact details of one of the guys from Northumberland ACF, first name of Ken. If any one knows him can they PM me his contact details. Thanks for any help P_P
  2. Ken you say? I think I know him.

    Northern lad......wears green kit once in a while? Kenzo, the Kenster, the Big K?

  3. You mean Kenners..the big hairy arsed gympy pilot...yeah i know him mate...pm me

    BTW was the RTU due to a torn toe nail - Split ends - or just a nagging headache ?
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  4. Ah you mean Kenny Riddler the Kiddie fiddler. Yeah, he's in prison mate.
  5. You could phont teh CTT that run the course... they will know you, from the nominal roll and the fact you jacked, they may pass on your details to Ken to get in touch with you.

    Ditto Northumberland ACF.
  6. shiiiiittt i cant believe the OP didnt think of that
  7. Why do you want his contact details, do you want to bum him or something?
  8. A perfect example of British rhyme.
  9. He wants to return the DNA he deposited in his Barney the Dinosaur underpants.
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  10. Try this Northumbria Army Cadet Force
  11. I dinna ken.
  12. Fixed!
  13. Thanks for the advice Prince Albert
  14. A little less serious than the above, enlarged heart and mild heart attack
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