Looking for an Iraq PMC book I once read...

Yeah, there are millions of them but there was this one I read a couple of years back which I enjoyed and would like to get it for tour.

Can remember very little about it so I may be out of luck, but there is a chance someone here may have read it and hopefully I can jog someone's memory with the little I do know about it.

Ex-mil bloke working for a PMC in Iraq in around 2005-6(?)
Think he was Northern (or possibly from Dartmoor area) as I remember one of the pics in the book with him and his dog looking out over the plains/moors whatever.
He came back home from time away and his dog had been hit by a car or died somehow.
Approaching a US Army checkpoint in a SUV type vehicle with a Union flag in the window and still getting shot up by the yanks.

So, pretty much all I actually remember was this bloke and his dog, random but may be just enough info!

Thanks, people!
Depends whats your bag. The 'gung-ho I was a PMC death dealer' or the more restrained & more informative tomes that tell a story & also make a point. There are numerous investigative books out there too looking at PMC's as an industry & the downside of privatised war fighting.
"The Circuit" by Bob Shepherd is a good read

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