Looking for afghanistan veterans...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Leonzos, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. Don't know if this is posted in the right place?
    Writing a story, which started off as a short story and swelled into a novel.

    Stupidly, I chose to have my main character as a soldier in Afghanistan - when I know little about the army, the country, the conflict etc.

    Can anyone help me out with some details?

    How much contact do you have with the outside world, back home?
    Do you have internet? Do your mobiles work? A
    re the younger lads on facebook/Twitter and the like out there. What about at base? Do people go on forums out there?

    What is day to day life like on bases? Can someone describe it, the food, the routine, the entertainment, the downtime, is it boring, exiting, a laugh? How much work in an average day or is it all work?

    What do you guys do with your time. It can’t be missions 24 hour seven can it?

    Anyone work training the afghani army? What is that like? Can you describe some of it?

    Anyone recommend a good back about this, that could give me an insight (or a film, documentary what-have-you)

    If the above questions comes across as ignorant of the realities of army life that’s because I am. I haven’t got a scooby doo tbh. Its why I need some details to make it seem plausible, realistic etc.

    I’m not trying to write about the war over there, just about a young soldier (the character in my head) and his relationship with his mother, his brother and his girlfriend. Its more of a life thing; it aint gonna be some sensationalist war novel or anything like that.

    If someone is up for meeting up and going over this in person in the London area I could maybe sort them out a bit of cash for it. Not much like but better than a kick in the face.
  2. Try the Junior Officer's Reading Club. I don't necessarily enjoy the writing style throughout - and the author pales a bit towards the end. But it's Afghanistan down to a tee...
  3. Thanks.

    I've ordered that.

    If anyone can spare the time to answer any of my questions I'd be well grateful.
  4. You've decided to write a book about a soldier and you know nothing about soldiers - stupid isn't the word I use.

    I think you're taking the piss or I call a Wah.
  5. As I said, its more about a story I want to tell - the afghanistan element and the soldier element is only tangental to the plot.