Looking for advice, returning to work

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Well now that things have quietened down after the holidays I was wondering about finding a job, I am bored. I need your advice here, I am 49, mech engineer by trade also studied robotics and into IT in a keen amateur way.
    The thing is and it is a little bit of a hurdle for prospective employers I am wheelchair bound no use of both arms, but some use of right hand, as you can see I can use a keyboard.
    I went to the DWP jobcentre today to make enquiries they tried to tell me that I need not bother looking as I have my pension and disability money and get NI credits, I told them I wanted to work from a mental health point of view want to keep the grey matter working. I can be a little hard of thinking at times but overall I think I could hack it.
    So suggestions please ( I did think of posting in NAFFI bar for entertainment purposes )
    But I would like serious ideas
  2. Have you thought about extending your 'keen amateur' IT status to a professional level? I'm not an techie sort in any way (ask BFG9000 about the PMs he gets from me! :oops: :D) but I know that there are all sorts of flexible work opportunities in the IT world for people with the right qualifications - it could be worth giving your local FE colleges a ring to find out about what courses they run.

    Good luck WW!
  3. WW

    Give these people a try:


    They have a recruitment division called Interwork which is the largest provider of employment opportunities for the disabled. Their aim is to get people back into mainstream employment and have partnerships with people such as BT.
  4. Mate, only a cnut would make fun of your disability and as far as I can read, you don't have a disability cos you are willing and able to work.

    Just for consideration, with your technical background you might like to consider learning CAD, there is dosh to be made out there, as in converting line drawings into digital drawings. It's a steep learning curve but another useful skill.

    Sign design or exhibition graphics might be another thing to think about -you good with PhotoShop, Illy or CorelDraw?

    There is a virtual machine shop online (can't find the link right now but if you pm me, it will remind me to look for it tonight for you); you download their software, design whatever it is, send the design, they quote you for size/material/quantity.

    If you can get graphite machined, glassblowers are always looking for good tools like marvers and marble moulds.

    From a business angle, it might be useful to consider the fact that (other) any income will affect your entitlement to benefits, your local CAB will be able to keep you up to date but you probly know that already eh. But if you do stuff on a freelance basis and all your income is generated outside (insert where you live here), then the tax people don't even have to know about it, do they.

    Just a couple of ideas to give something to think about okay mate. Hit me up if you need more info okay.
  5. There are lots of opportunities throughout the country in the IT field, it would be useful to get some idea of what you would like to do though. Given your ME background, I would be inclined to look for roles in the project office of ME type companies, although generally desk bound, taking into account your situation, at least you would be able to use your existing skills set and at the same time further develop new skills.

    Other than that, there are large numbers of jobs in Customer Care and Call Centre type roles, but having read your post, your spelling appears to be of too high a standard to do this!

    Good luck whatever you do, PM me if you would like any further.

    Oh, and aren't you applying for work in Call Centres Dozy, or are you still learning to live in the manner that...
  6. No, I don't have the qualifications! :p
  7. With your skill set, I expect a number of charities to be interested in your services but, of course, you will not get paid. My Great Uncle used to design adaptions for the physically disabled, (he got polio at 21), mainly low tech/low cost stuff like a powered wheelchair using a car dynamo.

    The DDA gives you a better crack of the whip with mainstream employers than previously but it is still not easy. Some of the disabilities charities will assist with placements but getting them to help can be a tedious exercise. The contact below may be some help:-

    Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living
    5 - 9 Upper Brown Street
    LE1 5TE

    Telephone: 0116 222 5005
    Fax: 0116 222 5008
    Minicom: 0116 222 5007
  8. Hi all , Thanks for your comments so far, I looked at the interwork /BT route, but offered directory + customer care work from home. I do really want to get out more and meet new and interesting people. ( just like in the Army but with out killing them ) jeremy996 I have designed a lot of the equipment in use at home from the monorail hoist system that allows me to use the bathroom & shower unaided, and escape from the dog , my wheelchair adapted beyond recognition I hold a couple of patents on items developed through necessity , I am lucky in having a well equipped workshop and a mad mate who fabricates for me.
    I like the idea of CAD work though. I did offer to teach at a local FE college but as in many other cases they put the Health & safety issues record on. Funny though I have no trouble taking a scheduled flight and can make my own way from Aberdeen to far far away places and back , yet having a cripple in the office / college / frightens the PC police.
    As for charities , the strange thing is I feel they should be helping those more deserving, I still keep thinking I am still AB and can “stand on my own 2 feet “
    Keep the suggestions coming and thanks
  9. WW, thanks for the pm, hope you don't mind but I'll put the link here then someone else might find it useful later, see;

    I hope this will be useful to you and if you have mastered CAD already, this will be a breeze for you. I just couldn't get into CAD, even though I got a GCE in Technical Drawing at skool. I think maybe because I am more creative (spontaneous/organic/abstract) than straight lines kind of creative.

    Good luck mate.
  10. Cheers Swamp_Rat R.E.M.E. to the rescue ( as always ) I'll have a look at that during the week.
  11. Have you thought about doing access auditing or consultancy?


    If it appeals PM me, I may be able to help.
  12. I am appalled that the H&S record has been played to you - those particular PC Police need their arrse kicking, the Disabled Disability Act and the DWP provisions apply here - if you are capable and willing to teach, then they, specifically the PC Police, should not stop you!!

    Although charity is not what you are after, you will need help to exercise your rights in respect of the DDA and in the process you will probably meet people in need of your technical ability. If you want to work in an unprotected environment, then please don't let the B*rst*rds stop you. Please take this as encouragement to do what you want to do; my Great Uncle was patronised most of his life and he was probably the best designer/fabricator of equipment costing less than £10 I ever met.
  13. WW, I've been thinking more about your situation and given your design and invention ability, have you thought about trying to market your ideas? I've Googled for inventors + investors websites and have found the following that you might like to have a read of:

    The British Inventors Society

    About: Inventors

    Inventors Showcase
  14. Thanks DB and Jeremy996 for your help, when I designed some kit and filed a patent I was amazed by the number of companies that picked up on it within weeks. I am wary of the show case thing, as I have heard stories of ideas ripped off and altered enough to be put in to production with out paying for it. I digress . realy want to get out and mix , I have a load of application form and am crafting a CV , although each cv advisor has opposing ideas . jeremy996 " If you want to work in an unprotected environment " what a brilliant line! I will be using that concept in my CV and quite true and your Great Uncle had the right idea an affordable product is the one that sells.
    Thanks again