Looking for Advice on John Steel 'Jock' Lewes

Hi Chaps,

I'm working on a figure of John Steel 'Jock' Lewes, of whom David Sterling said: "Jock could far more genuinely claim to be founder of the SAS than I."

This is my photo reference
Jock Lewes.jpg

Any ideas re:

Cap badge - would it be SAS?

Battledress insignia - SAS Shoulder flashes? What colour rank 'pips' did the SAS use in WW2, or would he have kept his Welsh Guards' ones?

Any other help/advice gratefully accepted.
Two pointers to places I have found to be helpful in the past:

1. National Army Museum in Chelsea. Give them a call they can be very helpful with info and may even invite you for a shufti at the stuff in the 'backroom'.

2. The Parachute and Airborne Forces Museum, now based at the airfield part of the IWM in Duxford. When they were in Aldershot they had a SAS display that I needed some info about for some scribblings and the nice lady curator pointed me at the curator of the SAS collection......whose name I forget. It may be worth contacting the museum to get his contact details and asking the question directly.

How big / what scale is the figure and bang up a piccie wen its done. Or, even do a pictorial record of the build and paint.

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