Looking for Advice on Councelling Courses

I have been asked to find out (and where better than on ARRSE) if there are any of the Service related charities that need councellors (voluntary or employed) and are willing to provide training as such.

The individual in question has a strong record of voluntary charity work and has previously acted as a councellor for cancer sufferers (but is not formally qualified). She cannot afford to pay for a course in order to do voluntary work.

Any advice on where to look (or alternatively to tell me to stop wasting my time looking) would be appreciated.


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SSAFA and the RBL might be good places to start.
Is it an absolute requirement that it be service-related? If not, then your friend could try looking at her local alcohol counselling service, most of whom offer good training and mentoring. Be warned, though, it can be very heavy going, and 'unconditional positive regard' is a must, as clients tend to be the sort that you would normally cross the motorway to avoid (though it is for this reason that the training is good and highly regarded).

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