Looking for a villa in spain

Discussion in 'Travel' started by splat, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I'm just going on Summer leave and have booked a flight to Murcia in Spain. Does anyone have (or know anyone that has) a villa near the area? There's 3 of us and we're going to play golf so we're not going to tear the place up; those days are a bit behind us unfortunatley!! The dates are 31 Aug - 7 Sep. PS this is my first post so apologies if I've done anything incorrectly, I've seen how emotional people get on this forum!
  2. PM Spanish Dave or Hols4Heroes.
  3. You might want to pm the user Spanish_Dave.

    Edit: Poo. Beaten to the punch by a snail.
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  4. Cheers guys, I've got in touch with Spanish Dave.

    Desktop Commando, that is quite far, however do you know if it's free 31 Aug - 7 Sept, and how much your uncle would charge?
  5. 36 quid a night regardless of the people, 2 rooms, sleeps 4, although nice enough couch as well, area fantastic, perfect mix of brit to locals, local brit bar the Spanish love nearby, loads of golf in area.

    looks available on the trip advisor website calendar

    I'll pass you his phone number if you wish it