Looking for a Torrent link to 'Warriors'

I thought he wanted that classic of the genre from 1979

The Warriors (1979) - IMDb

It's all our turf.
Warriors come out to plaaaaaayyyy
Cheers Spaz its not considered wife beating here...its a cultural thing that allows a man to become a warrior who shows no mercy...especially when he cant find his eggs ( if I had been Beth I think I'd have given him a firm indication of where he might find his 'eggs' a lot sooner) Still Jake the Muz...something to aspire to aye?
Warriors (the road movie about a gang going home after a big gang summit goes wrong) was one of the first VHS videos I ever saw. Must have been about 82 or 83?

I think I might need to watch it again on DVD tonight now :)
There was a link to it on youtube - the whole series in 8 minute chunks but it's a pain in the arse to watch!

Found it - Episode 1: YouTube - Warriors - part 01
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