Looking for a TA unit...

I'm interested in joining the TA - I'm in my last year of A-levels and want to get some operational experience during my gap year, preferably in Helmand. Are there any TA units which I could join in time to go on Herrick 9 (the second half of Herrick 8 would also be good, but seems unlikely to happen)? I'm thinking preferably an infantry or para unit, but would consider other things as well. I'm based near London, and can travel a reasonable distance.

Any help would be appreciated!
Don't rush. There'll probably be a better war after you've finished your Uni course. And you'll have had time to train for it.
You wont get trained and do a tour in 1 gap year.

I finished my basic training in 6months, am now doing trade training

I know people who are only finishing basic after 12months.
WhiteHorse said:
If you think you are fit enough, don't know about tour but if I were 20 years younger, with good knees and a big ego...
4 Para Gap year
Hang about a bit.

The ad offers the opportunity to complete basic by mid Nov 2008. THEN you'd be eligible for the "jumping out of aeroplanes" course. THEN you'd do your Leadership/Initiative Training BEFORE having the opportunity to go on ops.

Bearing in mind that mobilisation is for UP TO 12 months (even though is intended (honest, guv) to be 4 or 6 months (after work-up training)), I can't see how they'd get all this completed by Sept 09.

Have the PARAs got a different calendar to the rest of the Army?

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