Looking for a surgeon and anaesthetist C.V. for work in Kazakstan

Hello chaps,

My boss has asked if anyone out there knows a trauma / general surgeon and an anaesthetist who want's to come and work on a project in Kazakhstan. 3 years contract, excellent tax free pay, benifits and conditions. Maturity, enthusiasm and commitment essential, ideally Russian speaker would be a big bonus but translators will be available. C.V.s to ahmad.risk@prospektmedical.com
Oddly enough I had blanket email today regarding the same thing. They were looking for a number of positions..... I think,

A project manager
Russian / English Medical Translators
Surgeon / Anaesthetist

and a couple of others.

The western partner is Europ Assist, and the guy doing recruitment a former colleage from ISOS.

Anyone indterested PM with an email and I'll forward the email tomorrow when I back in the office....

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Sorry, couldn't resist. Needless to say, I'm not a surgeon or anaethetist.
RTG, wouldnt it be better to reply direct to the link provided by the OP rather than emailing it to you so you can forward it on?
You can of course whichever you prefer. Just trying to help. I think the original poster only mentioned one of the posts and provide the contact for the local partner. I understand their are 5 posts available;

Clinic Manager & Infection Control Manager
Medical Translator
Project Manager Senior Client Rep
Medical Specialist Surgeon
Surgeon Anaesthetist

I though people might like to see the job descriptions before applying and as I have them thought I'd share....

Equally the contact posted if for the local partner, if I were embarking along this route I'd be wanting to go through the western side of the deal.....

Anyways as before if anyone wants them, let me know and I'll forward them on,

Disclaimer - I have no interest in this project other than its a former colleage doing the recruitment and he sent the details through in case I knew anybody - I don't so I'm sharing them here....


"The Devil is in the Detail"

Just re read your post.

I think you were wrongly assuming I was offereing to forward CV’s on to the organisation. That was not my intention. The idea was to forward the mail from the recruiter with the job descriptions attached for any individual interested in applying. They can then apply themselves. Hopefully better armed with a bit of info…

Fair one, not that you have any jobs for me, Im an ODP and unless I can bring the kids I cant go.
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