Looking for a smelly old bstard

Hi guys,
I'm a wandering ex tankie, and wonder if any any of the assembled know of one D*v* W*tr*t? I first met the fool when he was RESA at NITAT in 82 and saw him last when doing a DSO course in Chatham in 88 or 89, when, IIRC, he was PMC of the WOs & Sgts mess. Just an enquiry on a whim, he doesn't owe me money but I may owe him a pint.
Feel free to fcuk me off at the high port.
Scots bloke was he ? sounds like my staffie from 32 sqn in 84 and my Stickman from 18 sqn in 88/89

He now works for a rather large construction company as a health and safety nazi.
Yes he was. He was bomb disposal as well I have remembered. Which company? Feel free to PM me. Thanks

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