Looking for a second opinion on a shoulder

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crabby, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. I've got shoulder problems and recently saw a specialist... he seems to be the chap everyone in east anglia ends up seeing if physios can't fix you.
    My shoulder makes snapping/popping/grating/clunking noises when I move it and I've lost some flexibility (getting arm behind my back, straight arm raises tend to fail just above parallel to the ground etc). I also "twitch", especially in late evening, mostly like a mong, as something feels as though it catches in my shoulder and I sort of shudder.
    I've been told that basically my shoulder blade rubs against my ribcage. It's been doing this for 3 1/2 years since an assault course induced injury. It doesn't build up strength in some areas; at one point I swum, weight and circuit trained for 8 months about 3 times a week and still suffered from weakness, pain and the total inability to do more than 20 press ups despite focusing on shoulder activity!
    So; my specialist has told me that there's nothing that can be done. It's quite a rare thing, but he can't fix it with or without surgery.
    Anybody have any background in shoulders to tell me whether this is the case or not?
    Oh, and I've had x-rays and MRIs of my shoulder and scapular which all showed the muscles and bones are fine (no silly growths or anything).
    Anyone give me any hope that I can have this sorted rather than for life as I've been told?
  2. did you make sure the accident was reported?

    Prepare your war pension forms, because most injuries (even if temporarily repaired) will come back and haunt you.

    Sorry mate, just talking from experience.
  3. I was OTC. I didn't report the accident.

    It only really kicked in obviously 2 weeks afterwards (my entire back was solid). Only as temporary muscle pain subsided did I start to realise my shoulder had something not overly right.

    Now completely civvy, instead of just civvy who occasionally pretended to try and be TA.
  4. Its a long shot, but my chiropractor has sorted out some really bizzare injuries including this woman that was unable to grip anything with her hands. Not even a mug of tea or anything.. they sorted it out in a year or so and shes fine now.

    Means nothing as your problem is no doubt completely different but what I am trying to say is they fix more than back ache. Its definately worth a try.

  5. yeah i woud agree with jay cam i had a similar problem to you and my chiropractic sorted me out he has also sorted alot of other sports related injuries out for me
  6. I would recommend you contact The Royal British Legion for advice on 020 7973 7215.
  7. Sounds like the rotator cuff :?
    If so you may need surgery, but you can do exercises specifically designed to strengthen the area, but get a definitive diagnosis first, from a qualified professional.

    I agree with the comments about injuries coming back to haunt you, I badly sprained my ankle [Grade 3] in the field, and even now 20 years later, it occasionally gives me problems.
  8. Well, I've just had a shoulder scope.

    Apparently, as they knew, they didn't find anything overly bad - as the MRIs would have shown that up. They poked around a bit, cleaned out some scar tissue and have left me with two lovely scars in my shoulder.

    I reckon I *could* get myself just fit enough to pass a BPFA (CFT no problem, it's those damn press-ups) and want to try one more fling at the TA before personal circumstances change! I'd assume my shoulder history makes me a big no, anyone in the wiser?

    Oh, and I've been told it'll always be painful, but they should have given me back most of my movement and some strength