Looking for a running partner in Edinburgh..

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi All!

    Training for AOSB. Thought it would be worth a shot to post here and see if anyone fancies a training partner for the odd run round the Meadows or up Arthur's Seat or something. If so PM!

  2. *Cough cough* Risk of abduction *cough* ;)

  3. just reading between the lines..........

  4. lol lol lol...

  5. I am in the midlands but if you don't mind travelling down everyday I will happily train with you.
  6. hahaah
  7. Sod going up arthurs seat, I'd rather run all the way into yours ;-)
  8. only if you come running down croxteth with me
  9. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Balls to a running partner, just go out a few times a week & do hill sprints up those steps up to the south peak of Arthur's Seat for 30 mins or so, and you'll be laughing for AOSB.

    Throw in pressups & situps at the top for extra super fun times!

    PS B0llocks gets censored? Seriously?
  10. Another great idea! Will give this a go in the coming week I think!