Looking for a picture/illustration of QA female mess dress

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by vl100butch, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. worn between 1975-79...is/was it similar to the blue long-sleeved/formal length dresses worn by the PM's (my ex was a PM around that timeframe), with rank being shown on a brooch?

    appreciate any help...
  2. might be an idea to ask some of the old hands on armymedic.net
  3. Is this the uniform you require? 8O

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  4. Redders dear boy

    where's the grey ?
  5. errm, a not very flattering grey shift type dress with long chiffon sleeves, red cuffs? rank epaulettes? Something of that nature.
  6. Probably under that belly.
  7. Back then the rank was closely related to the body mass index.
    Years of service = size, size = rank. Im guessing this one is a full screw but i'd need a weigh bridge to be sure! :D
  8. DANS?

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  9. No.That's definitely a field officer. She has clearly been issued her QA Major's arrse.
  10. To paraphrase John Cleese, the sense of humor is the same but the cultural context isn't.....I get the feeling that the perception of the QA is similar to that of Miss Piggy?

    Anyway, I've had no luck with a picture yet, and in the spirit of trans-atlantic partnership


    you have to scroll through, but I think you'll enjoy the view...this is my university's dance line...