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Looking for a number for B&B near Palace Barracks, County Down.

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I have a "Pre-Assessment Personal Development Activity" coming up soon in Palace Barracks in Holywood, and I'm trying to sort accommodation.

Tried calling the barracks itself but I just get a machine telling me to contact the National Recruitment Center. The people at the NRC say they don't have any numbers for B&B's in the area and can't help.

I'm coming up from the South so looking for a B&B on the day is a no go because it'll be late in the evening by the time I get there and I'll probably end up without a place to stay.

Does anyone know any B&B's in the area?
Have you tried the thing called google?
Had a look but I could only find very expensive places, golf resorts i think, that are over £100 per night.

Everything else I could find was in Belfast city center.

I want to find somewhere within walking distance of the barracks, because knowing my luck if I called a random taxi it'll be driven by the ghost of Bobby Sands or something. :wtf:

I might be over there later so if I remember, I'll have a look


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Anywhere around the centre of belfast would do, and if you cant get to the bus; Value cabs are decent and you wont find yourself in west belfast instead of palace

Edit: Value cabs No. (028) 90 80 90 80
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