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Discussion in 'REME' started by insttech, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. ... I'm a tiffy tech, and not wanting to open a can of worms on the best or worst postings (that's below). I'm after a post anywhere, prefered outside of UK. I'm after something a bit different away from REME Bns next summer. Because of Glasgow posting me early (Change in LSN's, honestly!) I've been asked to submit my pref now. Any ideas? Would be willing to consider anything different in the UK..! I am FE, Wife, no kids but dog has to come with.
  2. Well if you want some thing different the try 5 RA in Catterick, it was last posting and im a VM, had a ball and enjoyed it, now moved to some where better but after this posting id go back if they asked, even if it is to serve under a Tech.
  3. I was with 5 RA when it was 5 Lt regt RA (K Battery Fitter) in the early 70s , it was a great mob to be with then and looks as though iyt's still the same