looking for a new pc

Right I have been told by the missus if I kick the smoking habit I can use the money saved to get a shiny new pc on finance as mine is fecked through my cack handed self repair job. Can anyone here recommend a good place to go for a decent gaming system for less than a grand and any specs would help too
dont go to a shop, speak to a mate who knows their way around a computer, buy all the seperate parts to your own spec yourself and just slip them 50 quid to put it all together for you

half the cost, double the performance
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If you just want it for doing day-to-day stuff ( email, surfing, porn etc, but not playing new games), then I'd recommend an Apple Mac.

If you're looking for gaming etc, then a self-build as others has said is the way to go. I built one about 4 years ago using a two page artical in a magazine for advice and it's always been fine. It's really easy and everything just slots together.

I reckon you could build a decent spec machine to play new games for about £450 quid not including monitor or keyboard.
scan.co.uk does finance mate- they're pretty cheap and decent and I have used them quite a bit in the past. Just choose what components you want and bang it all together when they arrive. Check out their today only page - used to be quite good buys there.

Novatech (www.novatech.co.uk ) do the same (but also offer motherboard bundles and barebones bundles as well).

I've just bought a reconditioned P4 2.8GHz dual core, 256MB graphics card, 1.5GB RAM (but bumped it up to 3GHZ for a little more) and Windows Vista Home Premium for £180 delivered. No joke! Got it from HP auctions one week ago http://h40059.www4.hp.com/auctions/
thanks for the advice i think self build is a non starter as trying to fix my present pc got me into this mess :x il have a look at some of those websites and see what i can find
and another thing can anyone recommend which mobile broadband system is best as my landline is on the blink also. I have heard vodafone has the fastest service but may not be the best for reliability
I recently bought a pc from www.quality-computing.co.uk he can build it to any spec you want, if you ring up just mention Ian.

Also www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk make various pcs ie gaming or video or just for internet etc. and they do finance, if you go onto their forums and tell them want you want he can spec it up and tell you.

if you look at dell go for an xps model these are the gamer pcs

also novatech are very competitive even better if you ring them and tell them you are military, i think its run by an ex navy officer!
charleyb said:
I used http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk - build to your spec through easy to use website and to your budget. Very happy all round, delivered in 2 weeks.
Me too. I have a PC that could fly the space shuttle now. Its great and build quality excellent.

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