looking for a naafi bird

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by horse, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. you said go to this site and im here any naafi bird want to chat
  2. OI U! try pm ing or go on chat- TURN UR POP UPS OFF!!! ;)
  3. NB, get to bed NOW!!! You know you can't type straight at the moment :lol: :wink:
  4. lol- BBC has just foned me to tell me horse has posted- i aint even got me glasses on...theyre upstairs! ;)
    love ya jackzxx
  5. U2 xx

    Does he know what he's in for?? Anyone for rounders???? :twisted:
  6. PMSL jack- hes a guy from my camp- he couldnt handle rounders ;) its WAY beyond my gaff!!! ;)
  7. naafi take the name of your camp of the board
  8. just did! sowwi- im pished! ;)
  9. night stud muffin bait!

  10. u must stop talking about urself beebs...... ;)
  11. ello ello what's going on here then...

    Is one of these dastardly X soldiers going after some of our top totty? This will not do at all!
  12. Being one hour ahead of the UK and getting to work early means I can read the drunken ramblings of the previous evening. Always entertains.
    Who the HELL had ant up at that time? He'll be grumpy and not play nicely with the other kids today.
    As for shenannigans on northern camps. Hmmmmm. :roll:
  13. Naafi-bird, shagg him and have it all done with. He's probably got a small dick with discharge to boot :wink:
  14. That would be an irish girl and a bermudan one. Good stuff, especially after attending a night out to find very attractive women strutting about in their lingerie.... then to see a man in a gimp mask. 8O

    Suppose with every good thing there must be bad :roll:

  15. PMSL- u know im saving myself 4 u ant