looking for a mate 249 AMF(L) 1989 1993

Could anyone help I'm trying to track down a mate I had at 249 SIGSQN AMF(L) 1989 -1993

I am not prepared to expose his name but if you know him you would know that he was a Cpl in main troop , AWI, Harry. liked a hard nut off eastenders.

any info greatfully recieved.
tried armynet forcesunited and RSA
Not as far as i know[/QUOT

Funny, I arrived at 249 May 1992 and Harry was not in main Troop then?? He was my RSM at 11 a while back.. last spoke to him in London 2003 when he was doing a job there however he was given a fastball posting from that to 38 SR.....Just to prove that having golden balls as ranker he was still f***ed over by the Corps. He left shortly after that shafting and last I heard he was in buissness with an ex WO1 renovating property.
If it is the Harry I think it is he ended up as QM at 31 SR in Southfields London, and then upped and left. I too heard he had gone into the plumming business, by where, God Knows
Sorry don´t know where he is but if you find him say hello for me. We were at Ouston at the same time and were both on same trade course at 8 sigs and same 2 -1 upgrading course. (remember him getting himself jailed on purpose after the end of course piss up!)

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