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Looking for a man.....

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Snips, Sep 26, 2002.

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  1. With no ties
    Who doesn't want commitment
    Who's away a lot so when we get together it's so much more fun
    Who isn't a GINGWAR
    Good physique (all over ;))
    Won't nag me and hassle me

    Any offers?
  2. right then - back to the drawing board. Looks like 'Big Boy Bully' will need another set of new batteries then!!
  3. You'd scare me.
  4. SB, I've just finished a very long and boring post on the "Employment of women in the TA" thread suggesting that the reason the army does not allow women in the inf has nothing to do with sexual tension between comrades.


    I can feel the sexual tension eminating from the Midlands here in Southern England....what's the matter?  Have you been watching Channel 5 again? ;D
  5. No, I just need a little lurving that's all. Don't want no heavy sh1t though.
  6. Oh well, I'm over 14 stone so I guess that rules me out :mad: (the wife would never go for it either 8))

    Best of luck.  If you are truly the paragon that PtP has spoken of then you should equip yourself with a sh1tty stick to beat off (I'm going to leave that in, but didn't mean it like that so stop sniggering) potential suitors ;D

    Most of them will be pretty grim, my advice is give the quiet ones a go ;)
  7. In which case, give me a grid ref and I'll be there (panting for ya!) ;)
  8. Stop "sblack personning"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the hell sort of swear word is sni.gger?

    I suppose this American sofware will let "snicker" through, but since that means "Marathon" it is not the word I wanted to use!

    I'm not going to help them invade Iraq now :mad:
  9. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Ask loudly and thy shall recieve.....try looking in't pub
  10. alrighty then..

    With no ties                                        
    Who doesn't want commitment
    Who's away a lot so when we get together it's so much more fun                                            
    Who isn't a GINGWAR
    Good physique (all over )
    Won't nag me and hassle me

    1.   No problem
    2.   See above
    3.   see above (I'm always away.I'm over the water now. You'll love it.)
    4.   NO.
    5.   S'alright s'pose. I'm not a lardarse but I'm not a
         pullthrough either.
    6.   Not a chance. I wont be there enough.
    7.   Anything else I should bear in mind. I mean ptp
         sung your praises and that but why can't you get
         a fella at home? I don't mind that to be
         honest as long as you wear glasses and look like a
         secretary. ;D

    Any offers?        Yup
  11. I forgot to mention, and it may help my case, that I know a great place - it's in the country by some fields, corn I believe, next to an airfield. Bit of a pain in the arrse as the planes fly low right over the car park. But the snooker room more than makes up for it, apart from the leaking roof. Goes all over the place when it rains. The fireplace gets in the way of the stroke at times and I fell over the sheepskin rug next to it once and almost burnt my cue. Fcukin hot in the evenings though. Especially in the evenings out in the field. Chilled Champers and strawberries are good for keeping cool though. And Ice cream.
  12. er, I don't come across as desperate do i. Sh1t. Thought so.
  13. Verdi, you sound like my perfect victim erm suitor, let's hook up.

    pics please.......
  14. Hmmm theres gonna be a fight of SB huh?
    *punch* you have her
    *punch* I dont wan 'er you have her
    *punch* No way mate shes yours
    *punch* Over my dead body