Looking for a Mac Guru

OK, I have been asked to sort out a problem for a friend.

They have an old Imac, a G3 I think, using an old OS on it. Not sure if it's OS 8 or 9, not sure how to tell to be honest.

I'm OK with PC, but a bit of a beginner with Mac OS. We have an IMac laptop running OS X, and I can find my way around that within reason, but sometimes need a bit of a prompt.

Anyway, the G3 has some files and emails on it that need to be got off so that the machine can finally be binned.

I have it on the internet via TCP/IP, but the browser is too old to connect to any of my webmail sites, as it tells me that cookies aren't enabled, when I believe that they are. IE 5 for Mac. Having much the same problem with emailing out via SMTP as whilst it connects, it then tells me that the server doesn't not recognise the address, even though it will retrieve pop, so the settings are good. OE 5 for mac.

Tried USB, but it doesn't show, I've done some searches and there is a suggesting that OS8/9 drivers for USB drives can be installed to the stick via OS X, but I cannot see the option.

Any ideas please guys. I really want to sort this out ASAP. The emails and files on there are huge sentimental value for them, all relating to an ill child of them. They want them and I want to get them for them, if you see what I mean.

Any help gratefully received.
So you're trying to get some old locally stored emails off the system?

I wouldn't bother with the internet, I'd find out what mail program they used, then search the internet to find what format it stores emails in (for example, MS Outlook stores all emails in a local file somewhere in Application Data).

Search the entire machine for any files ending with that extension.

Once you've found it, then try and get it off the machine, onto another machine, and do with them what you will.
Oh, I know where the files are, my problem is how to get them off the machine. USB Drive doesn't show. No Floppy, only a CD-Rom, no writer. I can connect it to the LAN, but don't know how to get the two Mac's talking, one OS X one OS ?. That's why I need the help with.
Ah right!

Too much faffing for me. That'll take an age to sort out, unless Google spews up any decent answers.

Best bet is to crack the f***er open, out the HDD and plug it in one of those caddy things. Make sure the file is stored somewhere obvious, like Desktop, then try and browse to it and copy it like that.
It's been a while since I've had a Mac but if the G3 and your own imac laptop have Firewire connect them together and hold down the start button on the G3 as it starts up - it should show the Firewire logo on its screen - and show as a disk on your iMac. Treat it from then on like any other disk. To get the correct connection instructions in case my memory is creaking try googling "Firewire mac to mac connection". Hope this helps.


If you hold down the T key while it boots up it will turn itself into an external hard-disk that you can connect by FireWire to copy files onto another Mac (assuming you have a FireWire cable to link the two Macs).
Firewire on the OS X one, not on the G3! Hurumph! I feckin hate mac, if this were two Windows machines, even NT4 and Win 7 I've had had them working in five minutes!

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