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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Not so long ago there was much heat occasioned by police action following a complaint about leaks from Westminster. Damien Green and all that. Not something for police action seemed to be the consensus of opinion.
    So, what is this all about?
    Will the new man at NSY did out some of the correspondence and send it back endorsed "So what has changed?"
  2. From the article:

    Just one? I have read of hundreds of things that should be considered crimes going on in the house. Leaking the info isn't one of them.
  3. The real police investigation should be into fraudulent claims. Any suggestion to the contrary is madness.
  4. If it's "in the public interest", it's OK from what I can gather. I'm f*cking interested...
  5. The "leak" may have been a potential offence worthy of investigation under normal circumstances, but the Gubmint must be fnucking insane not to understand how it looks to Joe Public in the present situation: "Look - the politicians have been trying to cover up and then suppress evidence of their sleaze - and now they're going to try and prosecute the whistle-blower!".

    The last inept plod investigation failed on the grounds that the info was "in the public interest", so how the heck do they think people are going to react now that about 99% of the population are genuinely interested (and angry) about "expenses"..?!

  6. "In the public interest" has nothing to do with wether the public is "interested" or not. It is to do wether it is for our good/well being to know.

    MP's ripping-off the tax payer is definately in our interest to be told. The leaker could be in trouble for making a profit though. But I aint a legal expert.

    On the PR side mind. What a bloody disaster! Do they really think the public willl apreciate more of our money spent to avenge the people who are robbing us?

    Hang on. The eejits just might think that.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The Met proves time and again to be a politically motivated machine, they are not going to upset and political party by investigating those MP’s who have actively bent the rules and committed crimes and fraud against the public purse. For them not to take the imitative on this and only act when someone makes a complaint shows just how cowardly the Met top dogs are.

    Constable I wish to report a murder – Sir are you complaining against the person who committed the murder - Eeerrr
  8. This investigation into a 'Leak' will end in farce just like the Damian Green 'investigation'. It will probably come to naught, cost millions of Pounds and take months to complete with the CPS making the usual statements that there's either 'insufficient evidence' or...'Its not in the Public Interest... blah, blah'.

    Of course, don't blame the Police. Somebody high up in the Liarbor Party has wet their Parliamentry Pampers (does he claim for these as well?), and in a fit of 'Holy Rage' chucked a few more Cell Phones around and demanded an investigation.....

    The Police are only doing what they have to do in any case like this..... even if some old Biddy has complained she can see their next door neighbours having a screw.... espsecially when she stands on a ladder outside her house...

    Its all becoming so farcical now... more Monty Python than a serious matter. More 'Dads Army' with Captain Mainwaring-Broone huffing and puffing like a bag of wind.... or that might be Lord Mandy-pandy (all allegedly of course).

    More to come Boys and Girls. This outpouring of sleaze and political diarrhea dripping from New Liarbore's political fundements surely must see them all off soon, to an early General Election. But it might embolden McRuin and Lord Mandpandy to sieze power and try and ban all elections forthwith because McRuin is the "Man of the Moment" to save the world.

    But I jest, I really do.... :( :oops: Trouble is, you cannot give good advice to a Fackwit in what to do, they allready think that they know.... :wink:
  9. Quite happy that the details of the porkers spening of our money has been leaked, but the belief that someone has made £300k by selling the CD of MP's expenses means that it is more a criminal act than a traditional style leak

    Wish they'd arrest the fcuking Speaker though!!!

  10. We are all glad that this story did leak, otherwise we would never have known what the theives had stolen :!:
  11. Has Westminster begun to panic? The confusion caused by the intrusive behaviour of the agency responsible for UK law enforcement into parliamentary procedure, would lead one to think so.
    Perhaps clarification is needed,
    In a democratic country the population that provide the funding for its Government should have a right to have those funds accounted for; this is often called Open Government. The only real subject that ministers should restrict in its distribution is one relating to its dealings with its overseas enemies and even that is open to debate.
    What right does the UK government have to keep its routine business matters secret from the people it serves?
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst the Old Bill are looking for the 'mole' maybe they could look up the law regarding 'Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception'.

    They might have a bit more success with that charge if they ask around Westminster a bit.

    But they won't.