Looking for a laptop

My old man has now decided he wants a laptop. Tried to talk him into having a desktop pc so I can wire it into an amp, convert his music to mp3 etc, but he wants a laptop.

Never really a great fan of laptops and never bothered with them. I have a vague idea of what I am looking for, running XP would be nice, or with no OS and buy XP seperately would be fine.

Anyone have any recommendations on dealers/sites etc.
Try Novatech HERE
They sell with or without an Operating System.

Most Laptops sold now will have Windows7 on them.

You could also try Staples as they have a few good deals on at the moment too.


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Austen_D said:
Why XP? Microsoft are dropping support for it soon so you wont be able to get security updates and such, making your laptop open to attack, virus' and essentially defunct. This will do anything your Dad wants and more, and will last a lot longer too.

Good point. Just took a look at it and looks pretty good. From some early reviews windows 7 seems pretty good. May go for this one and I may upgrade to win 7 myself.
I've had the beta versions and the release candidate of windows 7 for the last few months, and it is pretty good, a huge improvement on vista.

I'd reccommend going for a Dell if you are going for a new laptop, though I've always had samsung laptops, more to do with being able to do some basic gaming than anything else, but they do make good laptops.

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