Looking for a kickabout Daysack - is this one ok?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TomB, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Now a girly civvy & lost touch with the gear you chaps are using.

    I'm after a daysack just for normal day to day use & wondering if this is worth the money.

    Fleabay Black Day Pack

    Cheers for any advice.
  2. Avoid like the plague fella, those things fall apart in minutes. You would be better off with a tesco carrier bag.
  3. Ta for that.

    Plan B then.

    Most bags I've looked at seem to be made of the same gear as aforementioned Tesco carrier bags. I'd prefer something a bit heavier duty that I could fling about without it splitting apart like a QA's legs.

    Any suggestions?
  4. Sorry to Disagree Spaz.

    I have two of them. One I use everyday for work, loaded up with all sorts of shi.te. Gets thrown in and out of cars, Landrovers and bits of plant all day long. It goes with me everywhere and hasn't let me down.

    The other has a rotting collection of body parts in it.
  5. I'm glad to hear that Jacob, mine fell to pieces in my unit gym 30 seconds after I was issued it as I was stuffing it full of desert issue tat. Its made of poor quality material and stitched together with cobwebs. The amount of people I've seen carrying these around with zips bulging open and seams gaping tells me that it wasn't a one off.
  6. The issue patrol pack but you may not want to wander around with a dpm daysack.

  7. Cheers

    Looks good but probably a bit big for what I need. The only hills I go up nowadays have pubs at the top.
  8. Was watching Ross Kemp return to afghan a few nights back and im sure there was a bod wearing one of these, i've looked back but to no avail, surely I wasn't dreaming.
  9. The black one is shite as mentioned already, if you dont want DPM but OG is ok, try a Berghaus munro
  10. The black one is issued with the new kit-bag. It was a freeby from the supplier of the kit-bag and it's intended to be used as hand luggage on flights.

    Only STABs and Crows use itn in the field.
  11. Dont actually mind DPM so wouldnt rule anything out because of that.

    Will have a look at the Munro.
  12. this will last 100 years.....easy
  13. Looking again at this I think the label says 30 ltrs which would mean its just the size I'm after.

    Is it just a midget dummy its on or are my eyes even more crap than the rest of me?
  14. I've had one of mine for 11 years battered fuck out of it and its still going strong.

    TomB yeah I think its a small dummy.