Looking for a guy in uniform to surprise my friend.......

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by scotsholly, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Is there a kind soul in Edinburgh who would deliver flowers to my friend in uniform? I know its a strange request but she would be over the moon! We're young... 22 so someone a similar age would be an advantage!!

    Thanks :D :D

    Oh and if anyone can help me put a picture on my profile I would be sooo grateful!! 8O
  2. The fancy dres shop and an obliging mate would do wouldn't it?
  3. I'll do it......


    Can I paddle her head with my lollipop thing after?
  4. Curious to see how this 'request' will develop.
  5. Have you seen military uniforms from fancy dress shops??!

    and sorry..... you with the lollipop.... to old!!!!!!!
  6. My mistake, I just assumed you were really here to get some co ck under a really poor guise...oh, no wait......you are!

  7. She might be serious you know! You have a very devious mind!
  8. We're not all playing that game!! Come on I'm just looking for a little help!!!!
  9. Go to a fancy dress shop, get a friend to put it on, deliver the flowers or whatever. See, helped!
  10. Oh ok then, use one of my old pictures.

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  11. devious isn't the word I would have used!!
  12. Damn, you wanted military uniform. And I oiled this one up specially :cry:

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  13. Got a pic of me at Chelmsford Prison in Essex....as your Scots you might know what a " peter" is.....
  14. I do you naughty boy!! I'm just looking for someone to deliver flowers in Edinburgh for me though!! I don't want to see your Peter!!
  15. Try interflora and an escort service
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