Looking for a good time mister?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by OldRedCap, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Autoerotic fatality: Any death that occurs as a result of behavior that is performed as a form of self-gratification.

    Example: "The victim, a twenty-six year old white male, died while suspended by leather wrist restraints from a hook in the ceiling. When found, he was wearing a commercially produced 'discipline Mask' and a had a bit in his mouth. A length of rope was attached to each end of the bit and ran over his shoulders, going through an eyelet at the back of a specially designed belt he was wearing. The pieces of rope ran to eyelet's on both sides of his body and were connected to wooden dowels that extended the length of his legs. The ropes were attached to two plastic water bottles, one on each ankle. The bottles were filled with water and each weighed 7 pounds. The victim's ankles had leather restraints about them. A clothespin was affixed to each of the victim's nipples. The victim's belt had a leather device that ran between his buttocks and was attached to the rear in front of his belt. This belt device included a dildo that was inserted in his anus and an aperture through which his penis protruded. His penis was encased in a piece of pantyhose and a toilet-paper cylinder. A small red ribbon was tied in a bow at the base of his penis."(Hazelwood, Burgess, & Dietz[5])
  2. Whatever spins your props I suppose....
  3. All he needed was a 12V battery wired in to the clothespegs and he was laughing. Would have kept the old ticker going, as well.
  4. And the problem is?
  5. Just seemed like a lot of dressing up for a night in?
    Most auto erot I dealt with was within an Aust Regt at Ipoh. Every one was self-suspension in the bogs. Stand on seat, rag or whatever round neck, bend knees and wank. Generally half-conscious and lost footing on the short strokes.
  6. What's wrong with a nice traditional chicken suit? If it was good enough for my granpap...