looking for a deserter in the 1st foot.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sirbhp, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Well actually I have the man bang to rights , I need help please in finding the first regiment of Foot guards archives circa 1730/ 1738 anyone know where they might be please?
    Also what were the penalties for desretion in London then?

    you see I think my man might have joined whilst drunk or some such , then i think the king of all people might have come to his aid . I just need to get the back ground story firt. he was in Col. Fullers' company and was requested to be handed into Captain Howard at the Savoy .
    cheers troops.
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    thanks for I have the individual , i was wondering if i could find the records relating to his desertion and release. Short while after his release the king seems to have lent him his yacht to go swanning around England in !!
  3. I wouldn't bother, he's probably miles away by now.
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  4. If you think you have exhausted all records in the public domain, then you may want to speak to the Guards Museum about regimental archives.