Looking For A Decent CP/BG course

Bit bored at the mo and looking for a CP/BG course ... can anyone recomend a good one at all?... preferably one which concentrates on the sand pit enviroment..
Phoenix. All will try and part you from money. better chance making contacts there. Few of bigger companies looking at buying it for industry standard purposes
Checkout http://www.expara.co.uk/ Ex Para website Close Protection page, you will be required to register and it is open to non Para's and it a font of information. also for Iraq, IMO you may want to consider doing just a PSD course rather than a BG course.

Check out www.ronin.co.za

There a well respected company in the industry.

They Deliver a shit hot Med package, small arms range phase and a good driving package.

Check them out.
Go to Phoenix - highly recommended by just about everyone who's anyone.

Link to the site is here.

Check the 'Testimonials' page if you need more proof.

Fcuking outstanding bunch. End of chat.
Couldn't agree with Darth more. You can't go wrong with them and much, much better than other companies out there who often have pointless/plain t.oss course contaent.

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