Looking for a Clerk in Glasgow who deals with ADD PAY

Im looking for some advice and possibly even an explanation from someone who works in Glasgow and deals with 'ADD PAY'(Flying pay in particular) why i have been waiting on 'back pay' for almost 18 months now.

I have tried to find out what the hold-up is from my own RAO (Joint) and they keep informing me the hold-up is at Glasgow.

I understand you may all be busy with JPA in the midst but im sure within the last 18 months someone there must have been able to spare 5 minutes to enter some digits into a computer and click enter as to sort out an unhappy soldiers pay.

I have just read in another Forum that an individual in the same situation as myself has been adviced (by someone in Glasgow) to write of to Soldier Mag and make the problem public knowledge. Is this the way the Armed Forces really want us to start sorting out problems, by Airing our dirty washing?

The back pay im owed is approximately £12 per day from around the third quarter of 2005 to date...... :? i make that quite a bit of interest im loosing out on! :x

Any help or advice (serious that is :D ) from anyone who knows the best way to resolve this will be appreciated.


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If you are having no joy with your unit admin, ask them to show you what they have done (no reason on earth why they should say no!). If it still doesnt add up or they dont cough up, then go to your chain of command who's duty (for that is why they are there) is to look after your welfare, which this falls under. They should then take steps to (at least) satisfy themselves as to what the situation is. If they still cant make sense of the situation (and there may be circumstances surrounding Add Pay which you have not been told about in plain english) then your chain of command could in theory 'ask' the RAO to use the functional chain (ie get Bde SPS on the case. It would be a shame if you felt the need to write to Soldier, but it would work as many of the questions which get answered and are published stand out like a sore thumb as issues which should have been explained to the individual at unit level. best of luck.


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There must be a lot more to this than meets the eye. Normal Add pay, even flying Pay is input by your unit and starts automatically. In some circumstances things do go wrong that require manula intervention and input at APC, but not for this period of time.

There are populations of people out there who's pay is wrong and work is ongoing to fix them, though as far as I know the majority are fixed. I can only assume that you fall in to this category, but if thats the case, you admin office are not doing a good job of keeping you informed as what is going on.

It is always difficult to diagnose these sort of problems without having full facts, whats sort of Flying pay? What has been input by your unit so far? etc etc. If you PM me you number and more detail about the circumstances as you know it so far I might be able to find out some info, but I cant promise to wave a magic wand I am afraid.
Thank for your replies guys. To clarify exactly what it is I am waiting on, I am waiting on moving from second tour to third tour aircraft commander, and I am not the only one in my unit affected. There is at least 6 others I know off with similar situations.

The initial excuse we were given was that there was a mess up about a year ago where everything then became automatically imputed onto the computers, but for some reason this did not happen and the department in Glasgow would have to input it manually.

The latest I have heard from my RAO now is that it is in a 'triangle' with Glasgow/DAAVN/and whoever is tasked with writing the relevant publications. I believe they are re-writing the Pubs to change the goal posts but surely if I was entitled to it at the time then I should be entitled to it now. After all there are others in my trade receiving the correct pay to which I am entitled who meet the exact same criteria that I do.

Even if this is the case should it really take this long for an individual to re-write a certain section of a manual in order for us to receive a decent closure to this situation???
In your circumstances I think the only thing you can do is write a casework letter, asking that your circumstances are reviewed and that you request an explanation of how your AddPay is being delt with. If you do not get a satisfactory explanation from your CoC then Redress would seem to be your only option.


surest way to get it resolved might be to lodge an Application for Redress of Complaint under AGAI 70 to the CO. you believe youre entitled to it, you're not getting it - black and white case, it seems.

redress has a way of getting peoples attention when you are getting the runaround, and the CO will have more sway in the pay office than you.

if there are a few of you affected - get everyone to lodge ARC regarding the matter.

even if DAAvn / glasgow / whoever are considering changing the goalposts for moving to third tour pay, you are quite right in stating that you were entitled to it at the time under the system in place.


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Two_Forward_One_Back said:
Is there anyone else on here had a similar problem involved in aviation?

I'll let you know in 7 days time when I am meant to move up a tier.

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