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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are any 2 week long courses that are designed to improve physical fitness and field-craft skills?
    This year my company is going off to Poland on our 2 week camp but I cant go because I wont have completed trade training, so I am looking for a 2 week course I can do instead.
    I will have completed Taf 3 training by September and in December I’m going to have a second attempt at RCB, fitness is an issue for me so I want to do something really physically demanding.

    I know this is something I should talk to my PSIs about, but I thought if one of you could give me an idea of what courses are out there I could say to my PSI next week “I’ve heard about course X, can you get me on it?”
  2. your best bet is to ask the training wing, or the PSI's if you are TA, they get given the booklets, and if they are of any calibre, they will at least let you look through it
  3. What line of work is your troop/regiment in? I know quite a few RSigs people who learnt their trade on annual camp and then came back to do the actual course (which they passed with much ease). You can always stag on and pan bash for two weeks :lol:.
  4. Or if you intend RCB, why not apply for a TA DEPO course? Fitness a by-product which we will take great pleasure in providing. :wink:
  5. We’re REME.
    Our company is going off for 2 weeks of recy meching. I’ve already asked and I won’t be allowed to join them.
    I’m not going to spend 2 weeks on stag, my PSIs think that’s a waste of time and I agree.
    I’d like to spend my annual camp being worked hard on something that will improve my fitness. The better my fitness, the better my chances of passing my RCB at the end of the year. There is plenty of time for trade training in the future if I don’t make it.
  6. What is the TA DEPO course?
  7. Essentially it is an alternative to UOTC for those who either aren't at Yoony but are bright enough for Officer (stop that sniggering in the ranks!) or for anyone at Yoony or Not who is bright enough (you're sniggering again, I can tell) who wants to Commission faster than the full UOTC course would allow.

    Splits into 5 Modules:

    Mod 1 - the recruit course
    Mod 2 - 10 w/es of graduated training
    Mod 3 - a 9 day battle camp
    Mod 4 - the TA Commissioning Course at RMAS
    Mod 5 - post commission training

    If you're REME, get your PSAO to contact the PSAO of 153 Wksp Coy in Grangemouth. They've just Commissioned a DEPO. He did start to finish in less than 12 months with a Cambrian Patrol thrown in for good measure. ARRSE veterans will remember that rather lively thread :wink:
  8. What about Unit Expedition Leader? Good fun, it's a qualification, units are always short of them, and you spend two weeks in the Cairngorms.
  9. When I first joined the TA my PSAO told me that he would look into getting me on a TA Commissioning Course if I didn’t pass RCB. That sounds logical to me, why put me forward for TA commissioning if my already going for the regular army.
    The only reason I failed RCB last time was my fitness, I’m fit enough now, so what I’m looking for is a really physically tough course to further improve my fitness.

    What is the Unit Expedition Leader course? Is that something I could do when I’m only trained as far as Taf 3?
  10. Goku,

    If you're considering RMAS at some point then get cracking on the TACC Mod2, it can count towards your out of camp training (so I'm told), 10 weekends over the year, 2 1/2 days each thus makes 25 days out of camp training....

    49 Bde are running their next Module3 (9 days) around August and are looking for PO's to fill the rifleman gaps. You won't be getting assessed yourself but you will spend atleast 5 days in the field running around STANTA being led by soon to be comissioned Ocdt's... Quite an experience. You'd pick up on fieldcraft, section and plt battle drills, ITD's, signals, and get some opportunity to develop leadership skills-(not to mention patience when it's urining it down, you're knackered, out of rations, started to dig in and you find out your bergens (and replen) are in a TCV at the correct harbour area, 5kms away...).
    It's fairly knackering but there's lots of shooty stuff so all is good.

    Give me a shout if you're interested.

    DEPO to 2Lt in 12months, that's pretty fast-then again I joined as a normal bod before being lured into it by my regimental training Major.. It's all his fault.
  11. Except if you don't make the grade for Regular you also don't make the grade for TA. We would not (be allowed to) accept you if you failed RCB again.

    If you are truly committed to a Commission of either type, why would you not want to take advantage of any training going? The TA CTP and Training Materials are designed by Regular RMAS Instructors and delivered by RMAS accredited instructors, both TA and Reg.

    TA DEPO Training Centres (RTCs) also tend to have more highly qualified PT staff than most TA Units have available to them - 51Bde have a full-time NRPS PT Corps WO1 for example. And again, ALL RTCs have instant access to guidance on standards from both RMAS and Westbury. You could do a lot worse than take the time to find out more.
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, I can't understand why you don't go on Recovery Camp with everyone else - Ex. "Hard Pull" in September, I presume.

    As that is the case, thoug, what I would suggest is asking around (here is a good place to start) and get yourself on Camp with another Unit. Two weeks on a Battle Camp with a TA Infantry Bn would b good for your fitness, good for your military knowledge, and a lot of fun as well.
  13. Not entirely sure TAMB is any easier than RCB - possibly the reverse because they have less time to assess you. Shed loads of people were binned off TAB when I went - there were about a hundred going through in a weekend, about 15 actually made it to TAMB a couple of weeks later.

    I'm not a fan of the Direct Entry method - but then I've only met two and both were simply not up to it. Hopefully not a representative sample. How anybody does it in a year is beyond me - the committment is huge. You also come out the other end as a sparkling baby rupert but no actual experience in the arm you're going in to.

    I can vouch for 49 Brigade's Mod 3 though - an excellent prepration for Sandhurst. If you want a beasting with a point to it get on it.
  14. Goku

    All arms TA PTI Course, lots and lots of physically demanding challanges there. One of my mates did this and he was very impressed with the whole training program, right down to the yummy food he ate in the cook house.
  15. Ah but to get on the PTI coure you have to prove yourself to be a sadist, then again my experience on the TACC is making me think you need masochistic tendancies to get the most out of it.

    You may as well start on the TACC stuff, even if you intend to only commission in the regs, it opens up a lot more resources to you such as main board preparation weekends (essentially a dry run), leadership training etc. It will probably make RMAS a little easier the next time around if you can manage your combat estimate/command apointments/signals/fieldcraft/PT before you get there. Obviously you'll need to relearn it a bit, but an early start is good. Aside from what your fellow craftsmen may say, learning a trade before you commission is not essential to being a good troop commander, TA or Reg, as your spec to arm course will aid that.. Hopefully. Besides the men prefer the boss not to know what it is they are doing.
    You would also get to wear the coveted capbadge (unfortunately the issue one is cheap plasticy thing that is hard to read) on your loaf before you get there and get labelled as PO/Mr/'special case'.

    Swinging back onto the thread:
    Ask your PSI for contacts in friendly regiments, they may be running a trade course soon. I'm guessing you're a 'lowly' craftsman and so RMQ is probably outa the question.