Looking for a book

Does anybody know where I can get a digital copy of "Information for a German soldier in occupied Britain"?

The book was mentioned to me by a squaddie (linguist) over here in the 'stan-pit. I mention Afghanistan, as trying to get stuff sent over here; espeically as a civvy is a pain in the backside! I'm interested in the period (WWII)and am sure this would be a fascinating read.

To be honest, he wasn't 100% sure of the title, but it rang a bell; so I've gone with his title.

Life is slow out here as a civvy. If I'm lucky I have 15 minutes work a day. However over the past two days I've been delighted to entertain a group of Afghan "Electrical Engineers", who came out yesterday to replace an air filter on one generator; they've left me today with two broken generators!
So this afternoon I've been wearing rubber boots, rubber gloves and glasses trying to remember my countryman generator training and apply it to a 48 kVa pair. It's been exciting, nothing has caught fire & somehow I got the generators working! Another victory for brute force and ignorance!

Anyway back to the book/pamphlet, any help in finding a .pdf/.doc etc. would be much appreciated.



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