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First off, hi all, I've been reading these forums since my first attempt at joining up a few years ago but have just lurked and enjoyed reading the banter since, not expecting an easy ride from you lot!

I'm just looking for some advice really, I wanted to join the TA a few years ago and I was attending weekly training nights for about 8 months which I thoroughly enjoyed, but couldn't go on selection due to a pending hernia operation & the subsequent recovery period. When I finally went on selection at Strensall everything was going fine, I passed the physical side and the barb tests no problem, but when I had the meeting with the civvy doctor to go through my medical records I was rejected and sent home, much to my disappointment & that of the C.O. and lads of the unit I had been with.
The problem was/is that on my medical records I have a blip from when I was 23 years old, at that point I was into clubbing like everyone else I knew, and for a brief period of time I was an idiot and very stupidly took recreational drugs for a while which didnt agree with me and triggered a nasty bout of anxiety with OCD type symptoms, I went to my doctor about it at the time who put me on anti-depressants and had me see a councillor once a fortnight for a while to square me up again, which is obviously on my records and the reason I was rejected from the TA. I'm 30 years old now and have been absolutely fine for over 6 years, I hold down a stressful & responsible full time job, am very outgoing and adventurous and keep myself very fit with no sign of the problems I had back in 2005.
My interest in serving with the TA hasn't gone away and I understand there is an appeals process which I could go through to attempt to overturn the block on my application. I don't hold out much hope due to the nature of the problems I had all those years ago & the armys view on that, but would like to have one last go at getting in before age bars me for good as its something I have always wanted to do and I think I would make a good recruit. I've spoken with the army recruiting office in Scarborough who told me I should have got a letter when I was rejected which would have told me about the appeals process, but I never received it, and when I contacted the army by telephone I was just told they couldn't discuss medicals other than to say mine had a bar on it. So if any of you could offer me some advice on what to do or who to contact I'd be grateful! I have a few serving friends who have said I would be fine, and they can't see why I shouldn't get in seen as they know me well, but unfortunately the decision isn't theirs! If I'm just fighting a losing battle then fair enough, I'll just have to accept it isn't to be and move on, but I'd really like the chance to be properly assessed and prove otherwise.

Appreciate the quick reply, should I visit my doctor and get the OK from them, possibly in letter form so I can present that to the army when my medical forms are looked at again? can't hurt I suppose.
Freedom of information request?.
Guy I know had a similar problem, as has already been said start the app process again.
See your GP and anyone else in the med proffession that has been involved with you and get the necessary letters from them.
Biggest problem is that along with the majority of many other application systems it is just a tick box process and then count a score at the end.
Best of luck.
Appreciate the quick reply, should I visit my doctor and get the OK from them, possibly in letter form so I can present that to the army when my medical forms are looked at again? can't hurt I suppose.
Do this. Get your quack to give an opinion as to your suitability to join the forces in the letter.

Don't give up.


War Hero
You are a sicky, if you need operations before you really start having to push yourself then perhaps you are not up to it. Just consider if you are juat going to take a place from someone who can pass. Taking drugs......tosser.
You are a sicky, if you need operations before you really start having to push yourself then perhaps you are not up to it. Just consider if you are juat going to take a place from someone who can pass. Taking drugs......tosser.
The op was just a basic hernia repair, wasn't a problem when I went on selection. I do a lot of hiking, climbing & weight training so physically it doesn't restrict me at all. As for the drugs, I absolutely was a tosser for it & with hindsight I'd tell my 22 year old self that.
Two issues:-

i) Hernia -I assume this is an inguinal hernia and the 3 month repair period has passed -not a drama;

ii) OCD following recreational drug use -if you're still OCD/have OCD traits (like who in the Army doesn't?!?! -I'm afraid it's a bit like the Asperger's thing) then you're S8, that is to say not fit for service. JSP 346 says adolescents may have it and can join. On the OCD grounds you are eligible for a specialist referral (effectively an appeal). The drugs thing though is down to the Medic assessing you on the day but if they decide you are not eligible for appeal (as drug abuse and OCD is a two-hit issue) then I'm afraid you'll just have to suck it in.

As PrinceAlbert says, try again -if it's that important to you, then what have you to lose?
Just read this - cheers for the info Noodles

Yup the hernia was an inguinal one, I was probably born with it and it just got prominent a few years back so I got it sorted, I'm all patched up and perfectly fit now, I dont even get any twinges with it when lifting weights, stretching or running as some who have had the same surgery complain about so thats all good.

As for the OCD thing, I don't have any traits whatsoever with it now, it never got to a point where I was counting steps or washing my hands 50 times a day or anything daft like that anyway, more like just a thought would get stuck on repeat a bit like when a song gets stuck in your head, which coupled with the anxiety I had at that time led me to see my doc about it. Nobody would even have known about it unless I had said something. Thats not an issue anymore and hasnt been for a long time. I never told the doctor about the drugs thing as at the time I was worried it would get me in bother, so that won't be on my record, just the OCD (IIRC it says "OCD syptoms" rather than OCD on my record). Fully understand I may be classed as S8 and why, something I'll just have to accept if so, but would just like to appeal in the hope that I can be assessed as I am now and deemed fit for service, rather than on a (very stupidly self inflicted) phase I went through years ago.

Thanks for the reply anyway, its much appreciated and taken on board. I'll definitely have one last crack at it before giving up.
Well I finally got in to see my GP (took a while with holidays & being busy at work), he's looked through my medical records and said as its been so long since I had those problems and that I haven't been treated since then he can see no problem with me reapplying to serve and that if I need any paperwork to back this up then he's sure its something they can provide. So next thing, should I just turn up at the unit I was with previously, tell them what my doctor has said and just start the process again? Hopefully I won't get stonewalled as I was previously when I contacted them about appealing.
Just to update on this if anyone is interested or going through a similar process and looking for advice, things seem to have taken forever to get moving (look when I first posted!) but a couple of months ago my GP typed up a letter to say that my previous condition was just a manifestation of anxiety and that it is gone, and that I havent sought any further treatment since 2006 and that he thinks I'm fit for service. I've since had a couple of meetings with the recruiting Sgt and have now got my AFCO 4, RG8 & other assorted forms to complete so the application process has started rolling, and when I submit the medical forms my GP's letter will go with it to hopefully help my case. I've been told not to get my hopes up, the Sgt said his gut feeling is that I won't get in due to how strict they are, but he also said if he thought I had no chance he wouldn't have given me the forms, so its a finger crossed job and try not to be too disappointed if I don't get the result I'm after.
sorry to hear about your predicament mate, its interesting to see someone going through the same thing. 4 and half years ago i went to my GP with symptoms that turned out to be symptoms of OCD (not the hand cleaning, light switch etc kind mind you). After around 10 weeks i was back to normal, bare in mind in these 4 years, i've lost a job, lost a good friend and the parents divorced, finished my diploma and held a full time job with a lot of responsibility at b&q for over 2 years, i'm now a trainee manager. As far as i'm concerned i'm no different to anyone else. i'm going to the recruitment office to apply as soon as i get a letter back from the GP, he said he will back my corner as he thinks i'm OCD free. Please let my know how you get on and any advice from you and anyone else would be appreciated. thanks
sound advice! but i'd be more inclined to get some info about the appeal process, how long it takes? do you have the right to it? or is it at the recruiters discretion?

oh and the dogs never been better!

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