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Hi, im looking for info on my cousin L/Bdr David Tilbury. Ive read a post that stintog977 posted and just wondered how well you knew him?! :? Unfortunately my family dont know much about David, once he dies it was like eveything was shut in a box and locked away :( . I want to open that box, and get to the man!! where he served, who with, what was he like?! does anyone have any pics?! My only regret is not haveing the chance to meet a man who has been described to me so far as ""an amazing gentle giant" :( . I know how he was killed and where he is buried, I just want to now get to know him. Please if any1 has ANY info even a tiny snippet PLEASE PM me. Mod edit. Thank you in advance if any of you can help. It means alot to me. xx
P.S I got your info for this site from a guy on the RAA forum, they,ve been very helpful. xx
Hi, I had an uncle who was a L/bdr David Tilbury from Paulsgrove, Portsmouth he was based in Northern Ireland, but was unfortuantely killed during a bomb attack on the 27th October 1971. He is buried at Haslar cemetary Gosport. he unfortunately died before I was born, he had 2 sisters Susan and Kathleen and a brother Johnny all still live in the Portsmouth area. His Mum is Violet Tilbury and his father was Albert.
Hi, I was excited to hear from Big Daves family as none of his colleagues had much insight into daves personal life. we heard through The News of the world a story regarding an insurance refusing to pay.due to some small print. we also heard his death caused the premature death of his father.
Dave was a giant of a man whos rugby capabilities left us all in fear.But of course there wasnt any agression in him and he could have been likened to a big cuddly bear..He of course had served in Malaya during the communist uprisings in 60's but he never told us any stories. He was a very over protective bloke and would stand up for anyone who was being mistreated.He was a very social man He loved to play card schools and would often come away with a much bigger pile than he started with. He was a friend to everyone if a person wasnt friends with dave it would be their issue. as he didnt hold a grudge..He used to Talk of his mother a lot it was obvious he loved her lots.he wasnt ashamed to show his soft side.
He told my brother he would "look after me" in Ulster and a man like dave meant it.
we were posted on the north side of Londonderry at the library protecting the police station at rosemount.
I personally had been hospitalised the week prior. Dave and my room mate scotman Angus Stevens. had been detail to relieve the sentries for their lunch break.and they were to return after they had their lunch..as the two sentries approached the observation post. the top blew up with an owerwhelming blast.Killin Dave and angus instantly. as the blast was above their heads..Many of my colleague ran to their aid franticly trying to dig the out. whilst the local nationalist neighbours hindered the recovery by stoning them and throwing petrol bombs..Of course both soldiers were recovered and dispatched the 3 mile to the nearest hospital. were I,m sure you know they were both pronounced dead...Bless their souls..I am 59 years old now but i dont spend a single day were dave isnt in my head...A fantastic bloke who was a good influence to us young soldiers. We still talk of him when we contact...I do not have any photos of dave I lost them many years ago..If you do I would love to see them.......tell his mother she would have been so proud of his standing in 6 medium Battery RA
Hello Junior 66 and Stintog977,

Do the Family of Lance Bombardier David Tilbury know that they are entitled to apply for the Elizabeth Cross because he was killed on Active Service. It may well be that they have applied for this already; however in case they haven’t the link will take you to the MOD site giving details. Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | Veterans | Medals | The Elizabeth Cross

Stintog977 you said in your very moving and obviously heartfelt post on the Late Bombardier that he had served in Malaya in the 60’s, if this is so then the Family are also eligible to apply for a Posthumous Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM) in his memory. Details are contained in this link. Home

Finally I noticed on another Topic that the Northern Ireland Veterans are holding a Remembrance Service to remember all the Fallen from OP Banner. It may be worth contacting them to see if his name is inscribed in the National Arboretum/Memorial. It should be.


Thank you for that information, it applies to his family members. but still usefull.
I have visited the Arboretum and laid a poppy for David..it was very emotional
hi i spoke to you recently then lost internet connection, im john hall and served with dave tilbury (big dave as we called him) i have his lighter witch i kept as a keepsake and i would like to send it to the family so would need to sort contact details etc, have fond memories of dave, he was a good bloke, if we could sort tel numbers id be happy to talk to you about dave

I think you would be better at forwarding your request to the site Moderators: most of the profiles in this post have been inactive for 3-4 and 5 years.

Good luck.
Hi, i know the dates on this are some years ago but do you mind me asking your name?? David Tilbury would have been my Uncle in Law...His sister Susan is my Mother in Law, who im in daily contact with...thanks so much!
Hi, i know the dates on this are some years ago but do you mind me asking your name?? David Tilbury would have been my Uncle in Law...His sister Susan is my Mother in Law, who im in daily contact with...thanks so much!
Seeing as how most of the posters here have not been active for 7 to 11 years, I think you may be waiting a long time for a response.
Im hoping it may be linked to their email address! Any ideas of how i can contact them.... Thankyou so much
Best chance you have is to mail the site Admins: they MAY be able to help.

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