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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by A_Matelot, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    Bit of background:
    I'm 20 years old and an aircraft tech in the navy. I've been in just over two years and haven't done a front line draft as of yet. I was looking on the DII and found a DIN, requesting tri-service volunteers to go on draft for 2 years as an SGO.

    I'm about to embark on a 5 week "military awareness and skills" course with my squadron, so I'm going to have a basic grounding of field skills and, well, military skills.

    I've gone through my chain of command and currently waiting for clearance to actually apply for the draft, either in September this year or February of 2013.

    I've been considering leaving and rejoining the army after my first tour but if I can get on the SGO course without having to do that, then potentially transfer I'd be happier, obviously.

    I realised when I went to sea for a couple of weeks that what I really wanted from joining was a bit of adrenaline. I enjoyed working the flight deck in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, but get suitably bored when I'm in a hangar at 3am putting grease in a main rotor head.

    Obviously, I understand that there will be times as an SGO that you're sat in an OP bored off your cunt but I just feel that the job's a better fit for me than my current branch is.

    I'd like to think I'm fit enough. I do run in boots and with weight in my own time once or twice a week, so I should be prepared for that aspect-or as much as possible.

    The question I've really got it about transferring. Does anyone know how I should go about it? Would it be better to leave and rejoin after I've done my first tour?

    Just after a bit of advice on the matter really.

  2. I presume you're in a Junglie Squadron: have you spoken to the Boss about All-Arms? As for fit enough, have you spoken to a Bootneck Clubz to join in with their phys sessions?

    4/73 sound fun, and I wouldn't wish to step on your dreams, but there's a fair amount you can do whilst at the Squadron. Speak to your DO, or if you really must, a Bootneck Aircrewman or Pilot.
  3. I haven't given all arms much thought. I can't imagine they'll let me go when I'm trying to get a 4/73 draft. There are a few lads trying to get on it so I don't really want to take a spot for people that really want it for stuff they want.

    I spoke to one a while ago, about doing my BFT and CFT with them but until March there's no actual preperation classes for the runs.

    Stuff such as what, could you elaborate please?

  4. It depends on what you want - is it to be cold and wet and living in a ditch, or is it to be challenged mentally and physically? Have you asked to go on a Clockwork deployment? What about going Junglie Aircrewman? 148 Bty? 18 Sigs? DHU? SRR?

    If I were your Flt Commander I'd have no problem with you applying for 4/73 (or any of the above*), but I'd want to make sure you knew exactly why you were going for it.

    *Assuming you're not a scrote!
  5. Clockwork's oversubscribed at the moment I believe, but I've volunteered for a Norway detachment coming up soon.

    I have spoken to the Career Manager for Junglie Crewies, but I'm not eligible yet. You need a B+ write up and strongly recommended for promotion. Believe I need a front liner for that. Could be misinformed though.

    148 bty looks appealing as well, but from what I could gather it's only matelot communicators that form part of the squads. I imagine they'd prefer CTs or CIS.

    18 sigs, again I thought it was exclusively Royal Signals volunteers.

    SRR is probably a bit too hardcore for me to be perfectly honest.

    And I don't know what DHU is.

    I just want a real challenge. There's not much physically or mentally challenging about working nights at Yeovilton, BFing cabs haha

    The main issue is that I'm supposed to be going to 845 or 846 later this year, so they won't let me go because of that. But nobody seems to be going frontline at any rate of knots!
  6. Honestly fella, it sounds like you just need to get frontline and you need to speak to your DO. I know you're probably threaders, and volunteering for a unit like that sounds much more fun than waiting in VL getting bored, but you need to know exactly what you're doing.

    I don't know where this 'B+' bollocks for CHF Acmn comes from, because it's not what I was told when one of my lads was looking to do it. Yes, you have to be recommended for promotion, as you'll get your hooks on completion of your course, but 'performing above the standard expected of you rate for some of the time' doesn't equal the 'ability to think at the next rank up'. You would have to be pretty switched on to get your hooks after 2 years, and being in the AET world probably doesn't help, but your report writer needs to understand that saying you're ready to be a killick doesn't have to equal saying you're ready to be an LAET.

    Hell, if I were a lad I'd be going for CT or PTI - good jobs, lots of opportunity to do physical stuff (there are drafts for both that require a green lid, and/or working with the Army) and they're interesting.

    I'll PM you about DHU.
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