Looking at Royal Regiment of Scotland as an Officer?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Flying, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Got Sandhurst in September, recently met a bunch of Soldiers in the Royal Scots and I was always told join the Regiment you feel at home with and get on best with. Put it simply I'm English but my family's from a town full of Scots and thus has a bit of a Scottish Influence, never occured to me till I realised how well I was getting on with these Royal Scots guys but will being from the South of England be a bar to joining?
  2. As an English officer in a Scottish regiment I doubt you'll be unique. Much the same as if you were a Fijian joining the R&F.
  3. The RRS is chock full of English officers. Jocks* don't care.

    *Scots, Fijians, Englishmen, South Africans etc.
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  4. Indeed. Not known as Sussex Highlanders for nothing.
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  5. Sounds good then Ill definitely have a look before Sandhurst.
  6. Jocks don't care, historically most battalions had English officers. About 50/50 now. Go for it.
  7. How smart are the officers there, i.e. How many have been to public schools?
  8. To end up an Officer in the Scots Div, first apply for the Household Division and / or Cavalry of some description. Then, when that falls through, you'll end up in the Scots Div............

    Just remember to carry on with the "appearing more affluent than you actually are" act, and a few hints of connections with minor royalty always go down well.

    None of the above observations are based on Scots Div students on tedious tri-Service courses. Honest.
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  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You're from Corby then.

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  10. On the off-chance this is a genuine question and not a troll :)

    • Smart as in intelligent? At one point the KOSB had a Ph.D, a few of M.Sc, and some decent B.Sc in their Mess.
    • Smart as in well-dressed? Probably, but I've seen some really scruffy ones too.
    • Smart as in public schools? Some - but who cares?

    I went to a MoD-funded services school (certainly not "public"), my father was a Corps SNCO, and I was never made to feel anything other than welcome; either in the Scottish infantry battalions I visited, or when visiting a friend at SCOTS DG. A guy from the year above at the same school joined as a regular, ended up the CO, and has just finished being DCbt and been promoted to Major-General. Put simply, they don't care, why should you?
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  11. Not withstanding the fact that this is an almost 3 year old topic and the OP clearly made the topic to get further information. I want to clear up a few points that have been mentioned here incase any Potential Officers happen to read this topic;

    Gravelbelly covered this question very well.

    chasndave - That was a very dull attempt at being funny, please show again braincell.

    hackle is correct here, we have a small team now who are dedicated to Officer recruiting, you can get in touch with them via the link provided or you can private message me here for further information.
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  12. Surrey, not Sussex!!!
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  13. Absolutely no bar at all....of course being English, your Mess Fees are slightly higher as you will be expected to subsidise the other Scots officers in the Battalion, whose private income is considerably less than yours no doubt!
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  14. Absolutely HS after all a maisonette in Clapham is now worth more than a chunk of dubious Grouse Moor in The Black Isle!
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