Looking at joining REME/AAC?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MilkLizard, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. So in a few months I come of an age (16.6) that I can apply for an engineering job in the army.

    Looking at doing the REME route and Aircraft technician with thus later going on to specialise and/or then after the 4 years it's possible to put in to go on and be a pilot.

    So, what's t really like in REME/AAC and from putting in that initial form to going off to do training how long am I actually going to be looking at?

    Thanks in advance
  2. If you want to be a pilot, go pilot. It costs a lot of money to put you through Aircraft Engineering and once you've done so the REME aren't obliged just to piss that away by letting you become a pilot. My point is that it may not be an easy transition.

    Before you think being an AAC pilot is all about swooping down and killing the enemy from above, go and have a look at life visit or speak more with your local careers office. It may be that you are better suited to the RAF or Navy.
  3. Cheers I need to go have a chat with them at some point. But yeah not expecting it to be easy just thought it was a better route than RAF as if I don't become a pilot I'm still in a dream job working on them.

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  4. Can I ask why its a dream job to work on them? How do you think it's different from say working on a Tank? At the end of the day its a mechanical and electrical box which is sitting on your shop floor waiting for the REME to fix it. Don't let anyone bluff you that you'll be up and flying in them all the time as that just doesnt happen.
  5. Mainly because of their capabilities, I did think about vech mechanic at one point but you're kind of limited to what you can and can't do, along with AAC has better pay and aren't treated as shit

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  6. The major drawback with joining the AAC is the exceptionally gay beret you'll have to wear.
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  7. I dunno, I've done a couple of airtests now and again.

    In fact, I can guarantee I have more flying hours than my compadres who I did Basic Electronics with.

    However, the underlying fact is that you shouldn't be looking at Ac/Av Tech as a quick route into Army Pilot. Doesn't work like that.
  8. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    AAC soldier doesn't get paid more unless qualified as aircrew, so when you start the pay is no different. If you want pilot straight away you have to go officer entry. You can apply to be a pilot from any trade in any capbadge so again no need to be AAC or Av/Air Tech. Also you can't join with the guarantee of Aviation Tech. You join as a Elect/Av tech and you will then be assessed at Aborfield as to suitability for Av tech. As for Air Tech, very limited spaces (no Junior Entry this year and very few adult entry)
  9. VM's limited on what they can do????????????

    AAC has better pay?????????????

    Not too sure where you get this information from????

    Spot on answers from Sparky who knows the REME techy world extremely well and also from SUP REC who is spot on with the Careers Office current standings.

    Don't run (or Fly) before you can walk......try and get in the Army with the job you want to do first (if places available as pointed out by SUP_REC) then prove your good and got potential to get reccomended but also listen to Sparky's comments about you may not be reccomended (and that could be down to being too good a bloke to lose for the REME once a tradesman)
  10. You and I both know you do get to go up, certainly more than me! (I think flying out of Bessbrook Mill in '98 was the last time I was in a helicopter!) I am just aware that some lads are made to think that they will be up incredibly regularly thanks to some misguided info. (Thats from asking questions to phase 1 soldiers when they were doing look at life visits at SEAE).
  11. Cheers to sup rec and sparky it's appreciated and to you to. Thanks for the help, will get myself down to the careers office asap and see what the score is there, much appreciated lads, will now just need to prove I've got what it takes.
  12. Before you try to prove you've 'got what it takes' you need to decide what it is you want to take what the Army gives.

    Decide on your career, you seem to be angling at a career as an Army pilot ultimately, but you don't understand the pathway to that goal.
  13. If his grammar is the same as yours, maybe he should go to the infantry!


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