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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ilarnek, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Hello,
    I've just started my application for the forces after much deliberation and going to a recruitment office yesterday, which if I'm honest didn't paint a good picture it went mostly like this:
    Here's how enlistment works from now through to selection and the April-April rotation waiting after selection for a position to open. I get the feeling the fellow didn't know much about the RE so I'm here to get some more information before picking my roles for online application (why is everything online these days?)

    Some details about myself:
    Lowest real important grade was a D in maths.
    Have 4 A-levels in IT at grade Pass.
    Going into my final year of a Sound Engineering Degree (I was told this could balance out my D in Maths and open up Officer if I wished)

    Was a Roadie/Local Crew for concerts and theatre during collage and early Uni, now working as a Sound Engineer, stage crew and teaching people the job as part of my degree.

    So if you're not to bothered I'd like to ask a few questions:

    • What is the best way of getting fit for it?
    I've tried finding in-depth requirements I saw one once that had all areas (infantry-Paras-engineers,etc) but can't find it again

    • What are the major differences between a Officer and Soldier in the RE other than one is trained to lead in a different capacity?

    • How does your trade dictate where you are on the field?
    I read somewhere that if you went Plant your more likely to be at the back but how does this work for other trades as I'd like to see more of the Combat Engineer role but it seems I need to apply directly for a trade instead of a position. (I have general experience as a Brickie, Sparky, Plumber & Plastering/Decorating.)

    • How much can you affect/influence where you go?
    I have a large interest in going with the 23rd attached to the 16th (any details on how they work together would be great), but I'm quite open about it at the moment.

    • What other 'courses' can you do along with trade training?
    Like HGV,etc and can you do them without going for the required job, such as HGV without being a driver.

    Thanks guys, I apologise for it being a bit of a read but any information and advice would be greatly appreciated as I said didn't get much of a chance with the fella from the recruitment office just fobbed me off to some online application and it's all about research.
  2. Try the search there's threads on a lot of that
  3. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    i would have thought with your skills you could end up with a right cushey number . good luck
  4. I was 7 years RE then left and fell into working in the live music industry at the bottom of the food chain, I'm now a jobbing backline tech travelling the world all-in for handsome re-numeration. I've loved both of these unexpected careers, but I find it a little odd you want to jack in sound engineering for the army as all the sound guys I've come across have seen their profession as a 'calling', and are hugely passionate about music and their trade, so much so that I have no knowledge of anyone jacking it in for a complete career change.

    I'm not having a pop at you by any means, perhaps you don't enjoy what you do, but think on.
  5. I've been doing it for the past 5 years at different levels and a mixture of things have led me to want to join the forces, but my ultimate goal is to come back to music at some point as I share a large passion for both. But doing a degree on it has kinda kiddle the fire for a time as the perspective changes.

    That's not to say I'm not looking else ware, I'm looking at starting a company with people I've trained and now work in good places or joining an international crewing company, but I'd like to see how the RE goes as it's something I've wanted to do for along time.
  6. Then all the best in whatever your choice is. You appear to be an intelligent individual judging by your posts. Go with your gut instinct on this and if it doesn't work out there's no shame in admitting it and returning to your previous career.

    Must dash, groupies don't pester themselves you know.
  7. Ah the joy of groupies ;)
    Thank you Wall, if you have any advice on the RE or getting a better footing in Sound feel free to let me know.
  8. If you want to join RE then a basic grasp of maths is fairly important. Do you mean a D at A Level or GCSE? If it's GCSE I would say you are wasting your time.

    You have 4 A Levels and they are ALL in IT? Really? What does a Grade Pass mean?

    Who told you this? Was it the same person who you initially said "didn't know much about the RE"?

    I'm sure that was interesting but I am struggling to see the relevance to a career as a Sapper Officer. It may be useful for running the PA System during parades or Open Days!

    Perhaps running and other similar activities (oh I don't know, maybe swimming, cycling, going to the gym .......) could form the basis of an exercise programme?

    All of those trades? Again, really? By general experience do you mean you have watched people doing it?

    You seem somewhat confused over whether you are targeting soldier or officer entry. It's probably worth making your mind up before you go any further.
  9. Yes it was at GCSE level due to a lost coursework part, I've got no worries going through it again though.

    Yes in IT, it's literally a Pass

    Yes it was, hence why it's being queried.

    It was just abit of background.

    I'm aware of this, was hoping for abit more detail in the requirements.

    No not just watching people do it, the house I live in has needed quite abit of work on it and the gardens, also worked abit as a painter/decorator, nothing great but it's some experience. Sorry if it doesnt reach your standards/

    I am, as I said I'm working it all out and doing research.

    Thank you for your response.
  10. I'd imagine some kind of BTEC
  11. It's 13.15 I believe
  12. Fitness - British Army Website is a half decent guide for entry fitness pal. Also ive not long left 3RSME(where you would go for your pahse 2 combat engineer training) where I would recommend a decent base level of fitness, ie being able to pass the basic tests ie PFA and CFT and being able to run 4-5 miles without collapsing in your own vomit. Also being able to run/tab with small amounts of weight would put you in good books aswell.

    Unfortunately you would need to choose a specific trade instead of a position how ever these all start of in the combat stream after you have finished all your training, future aspects allow you to go down a more trade stream if your good enough and/or wish to.

    23rd of the 16th, cant say ive heard it called that before lol, anyway, if you wanted to go to 23 then you can volunteer and as long as you pass the tests for that you'll more then likely end up there after your trade courses etc. As for HGV side of things, its quite unlikely that unless you require it for your specific trade that you will get to do those courses.

    other then that then engineers is as varied as you want it to be
    hope any of this helps.
  13. What is the best way of getting fit for it?

    Running, press ups, situps and pullups. You will find out when you get through all your phase 1 and combat engineer whether you will be able to go 23.

    What are the major differences between a Officer and Soldier in the RE other than one is trained to lead in a different capacity?

    if you are an officer you get newspapers delivered from the guardroom to the mess on a morning, also you get tea and toast. if you are a soldier you get a sausage roll from the naafi.

    How does your trade dictate where you are on the field?

    you rarely use your trade, you might end up helping others use their trades but rarely use your own. unless you go on construction tasks/ex which happen now and again.

    How much can you affect/influence where you go?

    If you want to go 23(para) or 24(commando) you will definitely be able to go to them, but doesnt mean you stay there, you will find out whether you will be fit enough to do either p company or the all arms commando course when you get through phase1 etc. As for postings anywhere else, you can ask to say be posted south and there is a decent chance you will be but more often than not you will be posted anywhere (unless you ask for 23 or 24).

    What other 'courses' can you do along with trade training?

    You can do loads of random courses, sometimes you will be lucky and be able to do something unrelated to trade, other times you will not be able to do it. Its all roll of the dice and depends on how your troop personalities are.

    from an almost sprog sapper
  14. OP join up and find out, nothing you get told will be valid once you get in, local units have local rules, courses come courses go, governments of various hues will slash and burn, and bing honest get in now as there may not be one to join tomorrow (metaphoricly speaking). If you do join it wil be one of the best things you will ever do, of course if you want to up the anti, then join the Signals, they'll let you tuck your jacket in.